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7 Amazing Lock and Key Tattoo Design Ideas

Shalu Bhatti Mar 12, 2020
Both the integral elements of this tattoo, the lock and the key, are elements that symbolize secrecy, authority, and a sense of having access to the restricted. These designs are very popular among lovers, or those who have felt the intensity of being in love. Here are amazing lock and key tattoo design ideas, if you're thinking of getting one on yourself.

The Versatility of This Tattoo!

The meaning of the lock and key tattoo design lies in the way it is inked. When inked together, they can represent self-reliance, confidence, and assurance. However, if done as a matching/paired tattoo, they reflect mutual connection and dependence between the two people.
What matters the most in this tattoo theme is how you place and present the design. Unlike other designs where all you need to do is decide what to ink, in this case, you need to treat it like a story. This is needed to put forth the meaning of this tattoo clearly.
For example, if you just place a lock and the key next to it, by just these two elements, the significance of the tattoo wouldn't come across. However, if you place the same design along with a meaningful quote such as "Only I can unlock the block", then that makes a perfect tattoo.
Yes, this theme is kinda intense, wherein both the wearer and the tattoo artist would need to stir their creativity and brainstorm to get the right design, and of course, place it in the right manner. We understand how hard that can get. But, fret not. The following section would give you 10 awesome designs based on this theme to help you get started.

7 Awesome Lock and Key Tattoos That You'll Love

With Roses

A romantic version of this design would be by including the ultimate symbol of love and romance―roses!
You can also use other symbols that add to the meaning of your tattoo overall, such as birds, hearts, some cute wordings, and the like. However, make sure that your focus remains on the theme. This design just depicts that you have kept your heart with a lot of care, love, and hope for the right person who is on the way to be with you forever.

With a Bird Holding the Key

Here's another popular design that has caught the attention of many! Here, the lock is fused with thick chains, wrapped around a cage, with the key being carried by a bird.
This design can be interpreted in this way: because every lock has only one key, the bird (here, acting as your rescuer) has finally arrived to set you free.
Another variation of this design could be where the bird is taking away the key. The meanings are: (i) the only key to the lock has been taken away from the caged person; (ii) the bird (being symbolized as the messenger) is taking the key to the rightful person who will come to set the person free.

With Words

We have already discussed this aspect of this tattoo design.
There is nothing more efficacious than words to define the true meaning of anything in the world! A creative way to fuse a meaningful quote with the lock and key just reflects how written and visual representations give the thought and design an all new aesthetic as well as spiritual appeal.

As a Couple Tattoo

The lock and key design is definitely among the topmost favorite tattoo option that couples go for, and why shouldn't it be?
The significance of these two elements is so love-like―separate but one! Both are meaningless without the other, and there is nothing that can replace their role in each other's life, just like a true soulmate who can never be replaced by anything in the world!
And the best part about this design is that you can alter it as per your creative instincts to make it look unique from the rest.

With Wings

This beautiful design has three elements in it, the third element being the wings. The design clearly reflects its purpose.
The heart-shaped lock with a key inserted in it signifies that the heart which was locked so far, guarding itself from being hurt by the wrong people, has finally found a way to feel complete in itself.
Since every lock is made with a key uniquely confined to it, this tattoo design speaks of the freedom (represented with the wings) that the heart feels after being unlocked by its true key, which could either be your soulmate, or from your inner fears.

An Unconventional Twist!

We love this design because of its quirkiness! The heart in this design is made of vine, which is known for its quality to take support and grow on anything that leans on it.
There are different keys that the vine is entwined in; however, there is an uncertainty as to which key is the perfect fit for this lock. People who have many relationships, or many potential candidates who can be their true mate would relate with this tattoo design―confusing, but honest!

Pair Tattoo with a Message

At times, there are a lot of things you want others to tell you, but you seldom find anybody who says the words you've been longing to hear!
This is another amazing design for couples, especially ideal for those where one partner is an introvert, and the other one is an extrovert. While the quiet one keeps his/her feelings locked within, the other one inspires that person to loosen up and enjoy life.
There are endless ways to symbolize something meaningful with the lock and key tattoo designs. All you must do is to be able to focus on how these elements inspire or speak with you, and what is it that you need them to remind you. After all, reminiscent is the main purpose behind getting a tattoo, isn't it?