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Armband Tattoos for Men

Stephen Rampur Mar 10, 2020
Armband tattoos have certainly been and still are the most favorite tattoo option among fashionable masses around the globe. Here are some design ideas for the same.
Armband tattoos for men and women are those that are inked on the upper arms, around the biceps. They have invariably been a classic choice and have remained popular regardless of the many, many changes in fashion trends over the years.
There are several different designs and formats available for those interested―tribal designs, barbed wires, flower designs, Celtic and Gothic designs, etc. These tattoos actually give the impression of wearing a bracelet or an ornament around the arm or the bicep.
They are mostly sported by men, as they can be best shown off on strong and well-built biceps. You need to choose your tattoo very carefully as they are permanent, and getting one removed is a very tedious process. Generally, armband tattoo designs range from being really simple to highly elaborate, according to the wearer's preferences.
They are believed to be appropriate for the arms of people from any age group.

Varieties of Armband Tattoos for Men

Celtic Tattoos

These tattoo designs are very popular, and symbolize Celtic art and culture. It is believed that the Celtic communities painted themselves using a blue extract of a tree named 'woad'.
The symbols that were made were used to horrify enemies. In the same manner, modern-day Celtic design tattoos also have significance, which is why they are so very popular among lovers.

These tattoos come in a variety of designs, themes, colors, and vogues.
You can even customize them by including Celtic knot-work, flowers, dragons, or complex personalized patterns. Few of the conventional designs may have a focal picture with a knot kind of pattern around it.
They are pretty variable, and you also have the alternative of blending and matching several different design formats. The customization and blending of styles, patterns, and colors are endless- this is why they are so renowned.

Polynesian and Hawaiian Tattoos

Hawaiian and Polynesian armband tattoos relate to the traditions of Hawaii and Polynesia, and are becoming extremely popular day by day.
Though they are gaining recognition now, they actually have a history dating back to thousands of years ago. The pattern of these tattoos are very similar to those of tribal tattoos. They normally comprise flowers, plant life, animals, etc.

Tribal Tattoos

Tribal tattoos do not describe any one particular kind of tradition or culture, and comprise a combination of different patterns which normally do not have any meaning.
However, they do have their origins from olden civilizations of various tribes from all over the globe. These indeed are a very cool option, as they make continuous patterns which certainly look beautiful. When choosing these type of tattoos, you need to determine which format will better suit your personality and orientation.
These are just some of the most popular armband tattoo ideas for men. Apart from these, you can certainly choose your own design and customize it according to your specifications.