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Aztec Warrior Tattoos

Madhura Pandit Mar 10, 2020
Aztec warrior designs are one of the best symbols of strength in the tattoo world. Presented below is more information on the meaning of the Aztec warrior tattoo with some ideas for designs.
One's creativity knows no bounds when it comes to tattoos and tattooing. Apart from the common and universally known designs, there are several other symbols that belong to different cultures and can be used as tattoo designs. One such example is the Aztec tattoo design and symbolism.
The Aztecs were a group of people living in the present day Mexico, from 13th to 16th century. The Aztecs were powerful culturally and historically. Although the civilization no longer exists today, their symbolism and imagery still exists.
Today, these symbols are used as tattoo designs and are quite popular all over. Among the several tattoo designs, the warrior is the most loved and favored symbol.

Aztec Warrior

In the Aztec culture, Tezcatlipoca is considered as the lord of kings and warriors. Tezcatlipoca symbolizes strength, power and all qualities associated with a warrior. Similar to all the ancient civilizations, warfare was a part of the life and culture of the Aztecs. Therefore, Aztec warriors symbolized bravery and courage.
Sporting a tattoo depicting Tezcatlipoca represents discipline, honor and supremacy in battlefield. It is also believed that the Aztecs worshiped Sun god and his images were very commonly used in different art forms. On the other hand, warriors of the Aztec civilization were classified either into the eagle or jaguar warrior types.
Those belonging to the respective family wore respective outfits during battles. The eagle and the jaguar warrior symbols are famous among tattoo lovers and also widely accepted. Other Aztec symbols are the shield with fringes all around it and the warrior armband used by these warriors.

Aztec Warrior Designs for Tattoo

Although in earlier times, the Aztec tattoos were made only by Mexicans, today they are a favorite among people all over the world. If you wish to have a colorful tattoo depicting ancient art, you can go for the Aztec warrior tattoos.
However, you should note that the Aztec tattoos are quite large and very colorful (sometimes to the extent of gaudy) in appearance. But, you can still have your own color choice and style. Here are some design ideas for the warrior tattoo of the Aztec era.
If you wish to make a classic tattoo, then the picture of Tezcatlipoca is the best design. This lord of warriors, with his tongue sticking out is very popular among abstract art lovers. Secondly, as the sun is a popular and sacred symbol, it is found in several Aztec tattoos.
The eagle and the jaguar Aztec warriors are two beautiful tattoo designs that typically portray this culture. Also, an Aztec shield with fringes made with the Sun god in the center is yet another tattoo design that you can consider. Tribal Aztec tattoos also look equally attractive, and can be made by those who do not wish to have colorful tattoos.
This tattoo is quite large in size and hence, it is recommended to have it made on the upper arm, shoulder or the back. Similarly, for a smaller version, you can have the warrior armband or the warrior shield tattoos and sport them on arms, wrist, etc. As these tattoo designs are complex, it is recommended to have a printed copy of the design and check out its appearance before going for it.
Aztec warrior tattoos portray the ancient art of the Aztec culture. Lastly, the colorful and dramatic Aztec tattoo will always be 'in' and will never fail to catch the eye of the viewer. Good luck!