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Barcode Tattoo Meaning and Design Ideas

Raksha Kulkarni
Barcodes are everywhere, on almost every product you buy. But, have you wondered if you can have your own barcode in the form of a permanent tattoo? Yes, you heard it right! You can have a unique barcode tattoo inked on your body. This story will guide you with some designs and the meanings behind them.

Did You Know?

It is possible to generate barcode tattoos that are scannable. Age will affect this property so make sure you get the tattoo on a suitable place like the shoulder, back, or back of the neck. The skin on these places is less prone to getting stretched so the barcode remains intact.
Barcode tattoos are a 'mystery' trend nowadays. The designs and their interpretations may differ from person to person. These tattoos can be scanned and some may be detected on some machines, but some may just be a work of art. There are certain applications or websites that will help you find your barcode.
It can be designed in a way to contain coded information, where the words will be in the form of the lines of a barcode. To add to the plain lines of the code, you could write your birthday, any other special date, pincode, phone number, etc. below the barcode lines.
Or you could ink a short word that describes you. There is another trend of getting inked on the head or forehead with a barcode and the number '666'. This tattoo is said to be the 'mark of the beast'. Another example of this kind of tattoo is the Hitman's tattoo.

Barcode Tattoo Meanings

If these tattoos fascinate you, then you should know the meanings behind them.

Every product has a unique barcode, defining its individuality. Hence, if you want a tattoo that represents individuality, it is this. In this world where it is hard to get noticed, a unique barcode tattoo aptly placed on your body, can do the trick. People get it inked as a symbol of their unique personalities.
Some people get a barcode tattoo inked as their way of taking a stand against the soaring prices of goods. Others get it inked as a symbol that depicts them as expensive or valuable.
Some do it just out of the love for doing something different. Every person may have a different number or text written, which includes the meaning of the barcode tattoo or his interpretation of the design.
Barcode tattoos need not be in the form of plain black lines or the typical patterns you might have imagined them to be in. You have the freedom to experiment with the designs and add some interesting elements to the lines. Given below are some of the designs you can take inspiration from.


Keep it Simple

This is the simplest barcode tattoo that you can have. There is not much creativity here. 
The numbers below can have special dates, and the fonts used can be played with. This design symbolizes high value. Behind the neck is one of the best places for this tattoo.

Get a Barcode Tattoo on the Palm

I know, it becomes quite weird to see a tattoo on one's palm. But these tattoos have been common. 
You can choose the color and numbers as per your choice. Remember, it is going to be more painful and has more chances of fading than on any other part.

Use Rainbow Colors

It's time we think beyond the cliche black lines. Go ahead and flaunt this rainbow-colored tattoo.
You can also write a special word that describes you. Doesn't this collarbone tattoo appeal to you? Choose your favorite colors and overpower the black barcode world!

Add a Design Element and Numbers

This is yet another different tattoo. If you're in love with the lines, you can just add a star or any other element to it. 
Choose the dates or numbers that you want to write. Use your imagination and creativity to add anything else that you think blends well with the barcode design.

Go Patriotic!

If you want to show your love for your country, add a patriotic element to your barcode tattoo. 
Get tattooed with your country's flag! There are too many people with the barcode tattoo anyway, so add a flag to it and start a new trend.

Set the Barcode Lines Free

This tattoo will change your mind, if you think barcode is boring. 
The tattoo shows that parallel lines eventually go up and meet up, in the chaos. Break away from straight lines and give them the freedom to roam around and take the way they want to!
We actually love this tattoo and how the lines eventually grow into grass.
Let the Lines of the Barcode Grow
The lines curve at the end, which is visually appealing. You can add elements like small butterflies or flowers. You can also add some good colors in this design. Also, back is one of the most suitable places for barcode tattoos.
Here we have brought you some more designs. Check them in the slideshow below and choose the one you like.

Go in for some deadly imagination with a skull tattoo!

Give the barcode a cute and creative look.

Give it a flowery touch!

Pick one of these designs or build on these to create your own. Be sure of what you really want and get yourself inked with a barcode tattoo.