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12 Beautiful Watercolor Tattoos Worth Getting

Payal Kanjwani
Perhaps you are browsing designs for your first tattoo, or maybe looking for something unique for your next tattoo. Well, have you ever considered a watercolor tattoo? Read further, and who knows, maybe you find THAT one in these incredible watercolor tattoo designs.

Not sure if watercolor tattoos last?

Like any style of tattoo, watercolor tattoos too would require touch up after several years, but yeah, traditional (realistic) tattoos outlast them, as the pigment or ink in the latter is less saturated and tends to fade away.
Blurs and smudges, fades and shades, splashes and swashes, are all possible to own with a watercolor tattoo. These designs are a simulation of watercolor artwork. The process is no different than a regular tattooing procedure. It's just that tattooists use a watercolor reference to create a piece of design.
Watercolor tattoos have a mystery of their own! People have this dilemma about such tattoos if they are real or fake, if they do last. We told you, the process is very similar; they are not being created randomly or wildly! The process is very controlled and calculated, the shading being lighter and more artistic than the traditional tattoos.
Imagine the swirling colors, the shading variations, the subdued hues, all on your skin, as if it were a canvas. To get an idea about how these artistry pieces of art look on the body, we have come up with some of the best watercolor tattoo designs. Browse through and tell us if you like them.

Watercolor Tattoos: Celebrating Colors―Subtle, Gentle, Vibrant!

After a rainstorm, comes a rainbow!

This is what a watercolor rainstorm tattoo conveys. The beautiful splatters of color and the tiny colorful blotches make it look like it's been painted on a canvas. But that's the thing about these tattoos. The smudging of color off the edges has added a realistic and delicate touch to the design.
Another thing to be noted here is, these designs are often little rough and scraggy, devoid of defined boundaries, making watercolor tattoos one of a kind!

A hint of color to quotations

Getting a saying or a quote done has always been in vogue. Some life lessons, something that inspires, something that you like caging in words and sealing it on your body! But the twist is, watercolor quotes tattoo will have colors in it. If you can see the colors done in the background, as if they have diluted paint, enhances the quote all the more.
This can be done on any body part right from the nape to toe. Get innovative with the amalgamating colors! The tattoo is flashing a strong message―Creativity needs courage!

And my heart beats for you ...

Do heart tattoos need an explanation? They signify feelings of adoration. Well talking about this one, it sure conveys loyalty with an artistic mind―a geometric element has been added along with those hands forming a beautiful heart. The blotchy watery design that flows throughout is reminiscent of watercolor paintings.
Another tactic used here, is creating a negative space image―the triangle if you observe―has paint splattered around the triangular design! There's a room for creativity when we talk of heart+watercolor designs. Show the passion and compassion towards your love, with an elegant watercolor heart tattoo.

All you need is love ... and a cat!

Yay, feline lovers, this one's for you. Some symbolic representations of getting a cat inked are grace, mystery, royalty, vitality, cleverness, authority, watchfulness, Goddess energy, and the list doesn't end.
An amazing artwork displayed in the cat silhouette―the eyes seem so humanely and the final outlining done in black ink just does the work. But do we even need a reason to get these furry felines painted on our skin? (They so deserve it! :D)

A rose for timeless beauty and love

The most popular designs in the category of watercolor inks include flower tattoos, esp. roses. They symbolize eternal beauty and undying love. A very commonly chosen design element, used nearly for any kind of tattoo. The red color of the rose dripping out transforms it from a traditional design to the category we're talking about.
The leaves give a grungy image as if the rose had been treasured in an old book. This watercolor rose tattoo will make an elegant mark behind the ear.

Light as a feather

Feathers top the list when it comes to watercolor designs, for the flowing shape of the feather syncs with the flowing colors. Feather tattoos, in general, signify freedom and wanderlust. By adding bright splashes of color, a feather design can be enhanced. You can have splashes of paint distort into birds flying away.
Going against the tide, we've chosen a peacock feather. The feminine design, the creativity associated in coloring, the spiritual connect, compelled us to go in for this tattoo. Totally irresistible!

Unleash yourself!

So feminine, so elegant! This graceful design symbolizes freedom and enlightenment. The tattoo reminds you that you're free, that there's nothing that can chain you! Pretty popular among women who believe in themselves and celebrate their liberty.

Oh! For fox sake

Animal tattoos have always been a rage for tattoo enthusiasts, and to make it more knavish, a fox tattoo is all that you want. It symbolizes cunning, sexuality, playfulness, vitality, and skillfulness. Men usually go for such tattoos.
Inhabiting creativity with implementing a watercolor touch to an animal element like fox, depends on your or your tattooer's imagination. Here, you can see the fiery trail effect is created by extending its tail. All we say is keep calm and love foxes!

Landscape or back-scape? ;-)

"Is that real?" I know, that is what you're thinking about! That is pretty real. "I can sit BACK and view all the nature's beauty", is what this style of tattoos mean.
People seeking these tattoos are mostly watercolor painting enthusiasts, artists, nature lovers, etc. Look at the beautiful blending of colors, the variation in shading, creating a subdued effect. Our take―the human body is a canvas and tattooing is art!

Books, but first coffee!

An owl represents wisdom, victory, solitude, and mystery. It is such a dignified creature that being splashed with color just makes it look more gorgeous. Here, the outline is jagged creating a feathery appearance, while the watercolors are dabbled in the background. You can have an owl design with rigid or bold outline as well.

Stand like a tree

This one looks gorgeously amazing!! Be it the design, the placement, or the magnificent use of colors, I'm totally in love with this! Tree tattoo designs have a lot of interpretations depending on the type of tree you get inked. Rejuvenation, regeneration, and reincarnation being the most basic and significant ones.
We say, get a tree inked, stand tall and proud, but never forget your roots.
The best thing about these tattoos is that you can have any number of colors done, on the body part of your choice, infusing good number of elements. These tattoos highly depend on creativity and artistic skills. Find a tattooist who's reliable and equally innovative.