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Biblical Tattoos

Madhura Pandit
Bible verse tattoos or Biblical tattoos are sported by those strongly believing in the Christian faith. Here are tattoo ideas and designs that can be used as an inspiration.
Although known since ancient times, tattoo making regained popularity in the 20th century, and today, people from different strata of the society, right from celebrities to commoners, are found sporting tattoos on their body.
Tattoo lovers sport designs that have strong symbolic meaning or those which portray their beliefs and thoughts. Here we will take a look at the different meanings and designs associated with tattoos related to the Bible.


The Biblical or the Bible tattoos are verses from the Bible used as tattoo designs. Most of the time, these tattoos are sported by religious people with strong spiritual convictions. The verses along with religious symbols like the cross, rosary, etc., convey a person's faith in religion and the Almighty.
However, this is not the only case, there are many others who inscribe Bible verses on their body because of the inspirational meaning these verses convey. These meaningful quotes and verses inspire the wearer and also the viewer. Those believers in the virtues of love, peace, and brotherhood usually go for these tattoos.


Following are some inspirational verses that can be used for a tattoo.
It is recommended to go through the Bible thoroughly to find the perfect verse that inspires you the most. Nearly all the verses convey a deeper meaning, and hence, it may be difficult to find the perfect one. However, research a bit and you will definitely come across something that touches your heart.
Many verses are very long, and hence, are difficult to use as tattoo designs. In that case, you can either paraphrase the verses or simply inscribe only that part which is more meaningful or important to you.
If you want a large tattoo design, you can inscribe full verses on your body. Secondly, you can have these verses made in English, Latin or in any language of your choice. However, make sure you know the meaning associated with the tattoo thoroughly.
Apart from simple texts, other religious symbols like the cross, palm frond, etc., can be placed around the verse. Sometimes, a border, frame or other ornate designs can also be made surrounding the verse to make it appear more graceful and unique.
If the verse symbolizes love and spreading love, you can emboss the verse over a heart tattoo. The placement of this tattoo design completely depends on the size of the verse.
If you have a complete verse inscribed, you can place it on the back or the shoulder. On the other hand, smaller verses can be placed on the wrist (like a bracelet), ankle (like an anklet), on upper arms, stomach, chest, etc.
Biblical tattoos are one of the most favored designs as they convey beautiful meanings and are also non-controversial. You can definitely have a permanent tattoo made with this design. As a concluding note, remember to have a tattoo made only from a certified professional artist. Good luck!