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Body Piercing and Non-piercing Jewelry

Poushali Ganguly
Let's find out more about body piercing jewelry and non-piercing jewelry. Each type has its advantages and disadvantages, and it is advisable to have enough knowledge about both options before making a decision.
The trend of body piercing is catching on rapidly, so is the variety of body jewelry that is worn by people all around. Unlike earlier times, nowadays, different unlikely parts of the body are also being pierced and that has consequently led to the invention of newer designs to suit the shape of that body part.

Types of Piercing

Initially it was either a stud or a ring that was made by the goldsmiths and silversmiths, but now it comes in diverse shapes. The metals that were used are different as gold and silver were the only metals used initially, but now it is surgical steel, plastic, wood, horn, bamboo, stone, knitted jewelry, etc. Here is a list of some commonly used jewelry.
Barbells:- Barbells consist of a straight bar and a bead on each end. This description illustrates the name (barbells are used in weightlifting), though here, one or at times both are beads are detachable. Most of the time, one of the beads is fixed. 
These are worn in the tongue and come in various shapes and designs like a skull, dolphin, frog, flower, snake, etc., and in a variety of materials like Teflon, acrylic, glass, gold, silver, and many other organic materials.
Straight barbells are only meant for pierced tongues and there are other shapes that are worn on the eyebrows as well, but they are either flexible or banana shaped.
Belly Button Ring:- At times, the navel is pierced with a barbell and when the wound heals completely a decorative jewelry is worn like a dangling pendant, a captive bead ring, or navel barbell. Navel banana bells come in the shape of a dragon, iguana, lizard, scorpion, butterfly, rose, etc.
Eyebrow Charm:- Banana barbells, captive earrings, and curved barbells are suitable in case of eyebrow piercing. The shape of these jewelry put minimum pressure compared to all other shapes as places like eyebrows are sensitive and excess pressure is bound to irritate that place.
Nipple Jewelry:- There are various kinds that can be worn on the nipple although this is a risky option. There are spiky nipple bars, which are UV react resistant and made of silicon, there are other designs like space, rose, and whirlpool.
Labret:- This is worn on the upper lip or the bottom lip above the chin. A lip ring can also be worn.
Captive Bead Ring:- In this kind, the captive bead has openings in it for the end of the ring, so that the end of the wire can fit into any of those small openings giving it a ring like look. Captive bead rings can be worn at the navel, ear, and eyebrows also.
Claw:- The claw is a piece of jewelry which almost looks like a horse shoe. Its ends are tapered and are usually worn on ear lobes. It is made of different metals like plastic, glass, or a metal.
● Spirals are made of colored glass and look really petite when worn on ear lobes.
● Earrings are the most common type of jewelry and it can be of any shape and size. These are made of different materials like gold or silver with stones embedded in it.

Non Piercing Jewelry

  • One option is the clip-on earring that can also be worn as a navel ring.
  • Ear cuffs are also curved metal bands that press against the ear and keep on pinching it. That is how it sticks to the ear.
  • Magnetic earrings look very real and it seems as if the person is wearing a stud. The ear stud is visible in the front and is held back by a magnet that is on the back of the ear lobe.
  • Stick-on earrings have adhesive backs which stick to the ear lobe.
  • The hoop pinches the ear lobe and gives it a look which suggests that the ear is pierced.
  • Spring hoops stick to the ear by means of a spring force.
Body jewelry might make a style statement, but one should make sure that one takes proper precautions and proper care after the process is done, and it heals up to prevent oneself from unnecessary hassles, pains, and scars.