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Bumble Bee Tattoos

Insect tattoos have become very popular these days. In them, bumble bee designs are a big hit with tattoo lovers. The following passages elucidate more information on the same.
Bhakti Satalkar
The concept of tattoos has come of age, hence, people are always on the lookout for new designs and ideas. Among the latest additions to the tattoo world are the insect ones. 
Bumble bee tattoos offer a wide range of versatility in their designs. Hence, they are more suitable designs for tattoos. They make for tiny and cute designs of friendly bees or large pieces highlighting the bee's more aggressive tendencies.


There are many meanings associated with these tattoos. The most important symbolization is that of duty and honor.
Although the insect in question can sting multiple times, they are not normally violent. They sting in order to defend the hive, queen, and themselves. Hence, they are also associated with integrity. They can also be seen as defenders.
However, it should be noted, that these bees attack only when it is the last course of action. This is a quality which a number of people stand by where they believe that violence is the last resort.
They live a very structured life where they pollinate crops and flowers before they return to their hives. The hive, thus, becomes the organizational center of a bee's life. They are structured and constantly on the call of duty where they serve their queen with loyalty and also scour the fields with passion. If you have a liking for a structured life, you may opt for cute tattoos depicting this interesting insect.
The other meanings attached to these social insects are that of vulnerability, intelligence, rewards, sweetness, the sting of life, and last but not the least, intelligence. It can also symbolize royalty, soul, resurrection, and eloquence.


There are a number of ideas, which can make your bee tattoos attractive as well as unique. If you do not want just a bee tattoo, you can opt for a flower tattoo and have a bee hover over it. A number of people also opt for a field of flowers along with a bee motif. You can go for flower one along with a bee on your back or also on the upper arm.
If you are fond of small tattoo designs, then you can certainly opt for a bumble bee design. You can get a friendly bee design on your ankle. If you want it to be a little bigger, then you can opt for a trail of tiny bees across the foot.
These designs go very well with fairy tattoos. There are a number of variations which can be made to the fairy tattoo. You can have a few bees surrounding the wings of the fairy or around her feet. Personally, we like the design of a tiny bee made on the wings of the fairy.
If you want only one bee, then you can opt for a huge one in which you can have all the intricate designs inked. Inking the bee upside down is also another wonderful idea. In case you want to have other designs along with the bee, you can use its striped back as a canvas and have the designs placed there.
Last but not the least is an ornate bumble bee with trailing lines behind it to show its flight path. The pathway is often in the form of a loop or a circle. This design can be made on any part of the body, but it makes for an interesting design on a curved region of the body, such as the wrist or across the back of the neck.
To make such tattoos, you can opt for colored designs or black designs.
To us, the best region to place these tattoos are either on the ankle or on the shoulders. Since there are so many designs available, you can make use of just about any combination of designs as well as color.