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Calla Lily Tattoos

If you are considering getting inked, you may want to give calla lily tattoos a thought. They make for extremely pretty and feminine designs. Read on to know more about them.
Bhakti Satalkar
Flower tattoos have been a part of many cultures probably since the art of inking was first discovered. They make for great feminine designs. These have been accepted in the society for the last few decades. Not only are flower tattoos pretty and feminine, but they also have a wide variety, which has endeared them to the lovers of body art.

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It is very easy to alter the style and overall look of a floral design. Depending on the person's age, they can be small and delicate or they can also be big, bold, colorful, and eclectic. A person can choose to have a single flower inked or have a big bunch of them.
Although flower designs are said to be feminine, they are also popular among men by incorporating them with skull-and-crossbones or daggers. Hawaiian flower tattoos make for great floral designs for men. In this article, we will read about one of the most popular floral body art, namely calla lily tattoo.


A calla lily normally denotes purity, however, different cultures have different meanings attached to it. In ancient Egypt, this flower was looked upon as a symbol of fertility, while in the medieval times, it stood for innocence. The most prominent of the meanings attached to a calla lily is that of grace, maiden modesty, and magnificent beauty.
It can also symbolize hatred, pride, as well as prosperity. It is also looked upon as a symbol of rebirth. Such tattoos have become popular among the gentler sex, as it underlines femininity. White calla lilies denote purity and sweetness, while the yellow ones stand for coquetry, falsehood, and also flirtations.


Calla lilies make for a wonderful tattoo designs, as they are simple yet beautiful. The beauty of these designs lies in their simplicity. Often, similar floral motifs are depicted with rich deep green stems and heart-shaped leaves.
If you are looking for a simple design, then you can opt for a single lily flower. However, if you want an elaborate design, then you can have a bunch of calla lilies or have a chain of them made with the intricate floral design. In most of these designs, the slender stalk and leaves of this flower are more emphasized.
A different idea is to include the delicate tendrils and make the tattoo more attractive. One more way to make it more attractive can be to weave a few flowers together to form a Celtic knot. If you are religious or believe in religion, then you can choose to depict calla lilies around a cross or at the arms of the Virgin Mary.
You also have the option of coloring the flower in different hues and patterns. Muted colors can be appealing to some people, while there can be others who would want to make their tattoo more vibrant.
The beauty of these designs lies in the fact that they are not only worn by women, but are also popular among men due to the exotic look and the deep symbolic meanings attached to them. At the same time, to some people, it is the ambiguity in the meaning of the calla lily that endears this flower to them.