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Cherry Blossom Tree Tattoo

The cherry blossom tree plays a very important role in Japanese heritage and culture. It has a number of meanings and many get it tattooed on their bodies for various reasons. Read this story to know the typical meanings and different types of the blossom tree tattoo designs.
Japanese and Chinese tattoo designs have always been in trend. Cherry blossom tree tattoos belong to the Japanese and Chinese cultures and are extremely popular. They are basically feminine and are known for their beautiful designs filled with vibrant colors. The cherry tree bears different meanings in Japanese and Chinese cultures. Before we move on to the various designs, let us first understand the meanings associated with these tattoos.

The Blossom Tree

The tree is considered to be a symbol of feminine beauty. It has a very significant place in Japanese culture and is called "Sakura". The flowers of this tree are very beautiful and you wish that they could long last, but they fade away within a couple of weeks.
Thus, Japanese people consider the tree to be a symbol of life for its lifespan is very short. The tree blooms during the spring equinox and the flowers shed quickly. The Japanese samurai also linked the tree with 'transience of life'.

Meaning of the Blossom Tree Tattoo

A Japanese cherry blossom tattoo basically symbolizes the transience of life, while the Chinese cherry blossom tattoo designs symbolize femininity and grace.


Some of the typical features of this tattoo are a unique design, bright pink colors, feminine designs, versatile nature, and great symbolism. Versatility is one of its most important characteristics.
The tattoo can be carved in many different types and can also be combined with other designs like that of birds, cages, leaves, flowers, etc. Its most attractive feature is that you can expand this tattoo in any way you want.
Some people like to have a growing tree tattoo, just like the way the tree grows naturally. One can get the whole tree carved on the body or few branches with blooming flowers on them.

Placing the Blossom Tree Tattoo

You just cannot go wrong with its placement. For smaller designs, you can go opt for places like arms, legs, or feet. Women who want to get a bigger and complete tattoo, usually get it on their back, stomach, or below the chest. The rib cage is also another popular choice.
One can also go for branches of the tree that wrap around the upper arm, ankles, or thighs, shoulders, lower back, and wrists. The flexibility of the tattoo design makes it easy to place it anywhere on the body.
These tattoos are a great combination of elegance, class, royalty, culture, and heritage along with nice meanings like femininity, love, beauty, and life.

 Mayuri Kulkarni

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