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Chinese Symbol Tattoos

Chinese tattoo symbols are rapidly growing in popularity and have taken the world by storm. If you are planning on getting such a tattoo, then this post can be of some assistance.
Natasha Bantwal
Considered as one of the most beautiful and exotic tattoo ideas out there, Chinese symbols have always been a favorite among men and women. The credit goes to pop culture and of course, the movies. This has given a lot of people in the West an intense urge to get Chinese tattoos inked on themselves; even if they don't know the language completely. 
But what makes these tattoos so alluring? Well, for starters the designs make an extremely exotic form of self-expression.
On the other hand, there can be a variety of reasons; some gender-specific as the popularity of these designs are viewed mostly on women. According to them, the first thing is that the characters appear attractive. And the second thing is that their subtle meanings and themes which can be incorporated to express like love, hope, freedom, and other emotions.
As for men, the symbols entice them because they are strongly associated with movies related to martial arts. So, if you are planning on getting a tattoo and are incredibly drawn to the designs, here are some important information you need to know.
The practice of tattoos started more than 4000 years ago.
A Brief Introduction
Chinese writing relies heavily on a large number of symbols instead of alphabets which represent many spoken concepts or ideas. So, each symbol that you know of today, represents a different spoken idea or word. In 1710 AD, the Kangxi dictionary was created upon imperial decree and contained in it nearly 50,000 different symbols.
Since then, this number has grown to almost 75,000 symbols, and is still increasing till date.
Having said that, it must be noted that the average Chinese person must only know around 5,000 of these symbols in order to read, understand, or write anything in the ancient language.
This is because there are so many symbols available today, almost anything can be translated into Chinese. Even the subtlest of all nuances and meanings can be translated by using a combination of these symbols.

What is Kanji

Kanji is the Chinese term that is used to describe the symbols that have been adapted to have Japanese meanings to them. The meanings of these symbols in Japanese and Chinese are the same, but they will be pronounced differently. What's more, they can express two completely different ideas or concepts.

Important Rules to Follow

If you are interested in getting your name tattooed in Chinese, then you should know that this is possible. But, always keep a few things in mind when doing this. Firstly, in Chinese, names are always written in the reverse order; which means your last name will be written before your first name.
Secondly, if your name happens to be foreign to the Chinese language, then certain symbols will have to be selected in order to represent your name.
As you can see that the whole practice of writing in Chinese is indeed quite complicated. So, if you are planning on getting a symbol as a tattoo, then there are a couple of rules you need to know.
  • Make sure the words that you have chosen are translated accurately. Before you go ahead with the actual process, make sure that you discuss the design with the tattoo artist. Also, consult with someone who knows the language and can translate the symbols. This way, you can be sure that the meaning of the tattoo is exactly what you want it to be.
  • Don't copy a design off the Internet; ask your tattoo artist to help you get a custom design. If you want the best ever tattoo, your tattoo artist should be given a good design to work from. It is very important to spend some amount of time and money on getting your design custom-made.
These tattoos are a beautiful way of representing individuality, and portraying a person's character and personality. If you follow these rules and guidelines, you'll surely be rewarded with a beautiful piece of body art that will last you for a whole lifetime!