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Claddagh Tattoo Designs

Planning to get a Claddagh tattoo done? Here are some creative and interesting designs and facts about Claddagh tattoos which will surely interest you.
Various designs of the Claddagh tattoo are famous since decades now with the variety in their designs, increasing interestingly. There are a number of tattoo ideas that have developed with passing years, but the Claddagh tattoo remains one of the oldest designs.
We seldom come across a design gallery where Claddagh tattoos aren't displayed. They don't just look nice, but also bear cultural significance. One of the most famous Celtic design tattoos, they are associated with love and beauty.

Irish Claddagh Tattoo Designs

The early Irish Claddagh tattoos were inspired from the traditional Claddagh ring. This ring, had two hands holding a heart together, with a crown on top―it was famous in Ireland as a symbol of love. Its elements were love (the heart), friendship (the hands), and loyalty (the crown).
These remain the elements of the Claddagh tattoo as well. It literally means, "With these hands I offer my heart and crown it with my love." A lot of ideas can be developed from these elements.

Fenian Claddagh Tattoo Designs

The Fenian version of the tattoo is a bit different from the traditional one. Though both are basically Irish designs, they do have some differences. The Fenians believe in a mostly fictional account of the origin of the Claddagh design.
They say that the Fenian design existed even before the Irish one. In the Fenian design, the crown is absent. They believe that the crown was later added by Queen Elizabeth and as a protest against the British rule, the Fenians do not have the crown on their rings.

Meaning of the Claddagh Tattoo

The Claddagh ring, when worn in different fingers, in different ways, symbolizes different things. If the heart in the ring is facing upwards, it means that the heart of the person wearing the ring, is given to someone else.
If it's facing downwards, it means the person is single. If the ring is worn in the left ring finger, it means the person is married to someone. The same logic can be applied while getting a Claddagh tattoo done.
Now that we know everything about the Fenian and Irish designs and also their basic symbolism, here is a list of tattoo designs and ideas that you can use, while getting this kind of tattoo done. The place where you get the tattoo done on your body will surely help you experiment with the design.

Designs for Men

Men usually prefer tattoos that look bold and masculine. So, for all the men who want to make an impression, try giving your tattoo design some more meaning by including your zodiac symbol in it. Or make it big in size so that it doesn't go unnoticed.

Designs for Women

Women with vibrant personalities should go for more colors in their tattoos. They can also make the tattoo design look more feminine by coupling their Claddagh tattoo with flowers, fairies, and angels. Choosing the right place for the tattoo will only add to the beauty quotient of the design.

Claddagh Tattoo Ideas

  • You can get a detailed Claddagh tattoo done on your finger itself, where the ring is usually worn. This will require an amazing artist who can fit in the tattoo design accurately on your finger.
  • You can get the tattoo done on your ankle where it can be hidden easily, when you do not wish to show it. Ankle tattoos have the advantage of coming off as subtle, whatever the design.
  • Depending upon the size you wish, you can get the tattoo done on your arms too. The pair of hands in the tattoo design can be depicted in such a way that they're not only holding the ring, but also your arm.
  • If you are looking for a large-sized design, you can get it done on your lower back or shoulders.
  • Depending upon your personality, you can also use different colors and styles available at the tattoo design parlor.
  • Another interesting design would be writing the name of your partner within the heart in the design or writing the name of your partner and yourself on both hands.
  • You can also make more designs on the sides of the actual Claddagh tattoo and make it look different and unique. You can look for some tribal tattoos to go with the actual tattoo design.
  • You can also draw the symbol of your zodiac sign with the Claddagh tattoo to reflect your personality and make it look different. Zodiac tattoos are available in various designs and you can mix these with your Claddagh tattoo.
  • Neck tattoos are another option you can explore. This design will be small in size, and thus will cost less too.
  • You can also get the tattoo done on your wrist where it will look like the hands are holding your wrist. These wrist tattoos give you the advantage of not having to wear a wristband. They are stylish and mostly done by women.
In their most basic sense, Claddagh tattoos are romantic; partners usually get them done for each other. If you want to ink your love forever, these designs are your best bet.

 Neha Joshi

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