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Claddagh Tattoo Meaning

Smita Pandit
Are you looking for information on Claddagh tattoo meaning? Go through this story to find out what this tattoo means.
There are people who get tattoos to make a style statement, but there are others who look at tattoos as an expression of their beliefs, emotions, and aspirations. Body art is not a recent trend, it has been constantly evolving. Many designs have originated from myths and fables. Claddagh tattoo is one such tattoo.


A Claddagh tattoo is a timeless Celtic symbol that symbolizes love and affection. It is depicted by a heart being held by two hands with a crown placed above the heart. The heart reflects love, hands holding the heart symbolize friendship, and the crown placed on top of the heart is symbolic of loyalty.
It is believed that a young man of the Joyce clan left for West Indies for some work. He promised his beloved that they would get married once he returned. Unfortunately, he was captured and sold as a slave to a Moorish goldsmith in Algiers.
When William III was crowned as the king, this young man was released. The goldsmith for whom he had worked was very pleased with this young man and offered him half of his fortune as well as the hand of his daughter, but this young man refused and went back to fulfill the promise he had made to his beloved.
When he returned to Ireland, he gave the Claddagh ring to his beloved as a token of love. The crowned heart clasped by two hands reflected his love and commitment to his beloved. Though there are other tales about the ring, the Claddagh symbol meaning remains the same.
So, the Claddagh ring tattoo is basically a promise. Just like the rings, the Claddagh ring tattoos are seen as a symbol of love, friendship, and commitment.

Tattoo Designs

Claddagh tattoos are one of the most popular Celtic tattoos. Both men and women can get this tattoo inked. If you wish to express your love, you can ink a Claddagh ring tattoo on your finger. You can even have the name of your beloved written along with the tattoo.
It is surely a great design to that you can get inked before the wedding. Women who wish to get this design inked can make the tattoo visually pleasing by using vibrant colors along with other design elements.
Girls who wish to get this tattoo can incorporate flower tattoos in the design. Instead of getting a hands holding the heart design inked, you can get a tattoo of a fairy holding the crowned heart. You can also tell the tattoo artist to use innovative ideas while tattooing the crown.
Use of striking colors or stylish strokes can make the tattoo look very appealing. You can also incorporate other Celtic crosses in your tattoo. Enclosing the tattoo within Celtic knots is also a good idea.
There is no need to restrict yourself to the original design. Unleash your imagination and think of other tattoos that can make your tattoo look unique. Since this tattoo is all about love you can draw a cupid around it. You can have a love quote tattooed using distinct tattoo lettering styles.
If you are looking for something unique, tell the tattoo artist to make a tribal and Celtic fusion tattoo.
The history that is behind the Irish Claddagh ring tattoo meaning is surely fascinating. If you also wish to express your love and commitment to your beloved, getting this tattoo is surely a wonderful idea.