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Crane Tattoo Meaning and Design Ideas

Payal Kanjwani
Cranes hold a deep symbolism in many cultures, which sure makes them one of the best options in tattoo designs. This story has amassed some very beautiful crane tattoo designs along with their meanings.

Did You Know?

Cranes are excellent communicators, making them highly social. Using 40 distinct displays and postures, they convey their intentions and emotions to other cranes.
Tenacious. Disciplined. Spiritual. Cranes hold a significant value in this symbolic world. They are beautiful. They are wise. They are monogamous. They are nice.
Cranes are most popular in Japanese culture, wherein they form an essential part of the holy rituals. The red-crowned crane that has a distinctive red patch over its head is worshiped. It stands for good fortune and fidelity. In China, a crane stands for good omen and the bearer of love and happiness.
This elegant bird, besides being a favorite of the origami world, is becoming a huge hit in the tattoo world as well. Its mesmerizing feathers, its distinctive crown, its graceful torso, and not to forget―its symbolic significance. Do you need any more reasons to get this holy bird inked?
Crane tattoos fall under the feminine class of tattoos. Though men too get it inked for reasons obvious―monogamous thingy. There's a variety of choices for placement―back, nape, shoulder, sleeve, wrist, thigh, ankle―you can be certain that the tattoo will look fulgurant. All you need to do is find a unique design that will convey the message you wish to put across.

What Does a Crane Tattoo Mean?

  • Peace
  • Purity
  • Prosperity
  • Hope
  • Healing
  • Happiness
  • Good Fortune
  • Longevity
  • Fidelity
  • Beauty and Grace
  • Wisdom
  • Eternal Youth

Crane Tattoo Designs

We've compiled some amazing designs for you to choose from. Browse through them, replicate them, or alter them. But we bet, you are surely gonna love them.
A heart created with combing origami cranes displays love, color, and creativity. A sexy tattoo for the lower back.
Do these tattoos that begin from behind the ear need an explanation? Usually, such tattoo designs are done in black ink, but we wanted to keep the realistic essence intact. White ink sure does look good, adding a unique element to the design, isn't it?
Here is another origami tattoo, but in black ink. Pictured elegantly on the backside of the thigh.
Watercolor tattoos are so in. Inspired from watercolor paintings, these have the outlining in black to hold the colors together. Dandelions and feathery elements can't be kept apart for long. Well, talking about this tattoo, it is creativity oozing out from all corners.
Cranes, as we know, stand for fidelity and loyalty. These can be made by couples, which is just a sweet way of projecting their love and loyalty towards their partner.
A crane with an amazing tribal-inspired art. The colors have been used fantastically, which highlight the delicate work done on the features of the crane.
If you closely observe, this tattoo projects the transition of an origami crane to being a realistic one.
One interpretation can be the first part of the life cycle of a crane, where he grows into a beautiful bird that is free enough to fly away, and experience life the most. For other interpretations, I leave it on you ...
The detailing done in the spread wings, the colors fused―red seems so seductive, while the dark black ink used for outlining is umm, alluring!
Cranes are also known for their prominent courtship dancing styles. Such tattoos are usually worn by men.
This tattoo is screaming 'Let me fly away ...' It stands for wanderers, for adoring travel and freedom.
And last but not the least, crane tattoos are most commonly worn as sleeve tattoos.
This is why we thought of placing this one here. The detailing done right from the crown to its torso and the placement of the crane on the shoulder makes this tattoo all the more beautiful.
Besides these, you could try infusing other elements like flowers, the peace symbol, infinities, and so many more. Crane being the main object, you can combine it with anything that adores you, anything that reflects your personality.