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Cross Tattoo Designs for Men

Madhura Pandit
Among the all-time popular tattoo designs for men, the cross is one of the best and the most favored one. Apart from the Christian symbol or the Latin cross, there are many other options for making a cross tattoo. Here are some pictures along with their meanings and symbolism.

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There are a few symbols and designs like the cross, heart, or yin and yang, that are universally identified. The cross is, specifically, distinguished as it is associated with Christianity. It is believed that tattoo making is forbidden in Christianity. Even then, it is carried out, and the Christian cross is one of the most popular tattoo design.

The Christian Cross Tattoo

The Christian cross stands for religiousness, spirituality, and faith. It also represents humanity and mankind. This cross is sported by people believing in or following Christianity. We come across references in mythological stories and legends where a cross was used for protection from evil spirits and wrongdoings.
The Christian cross is widely used as a tattoo design. The Latin cross with the stem longer than the other three arms, is an iconic image of Christianity.
A religious cross tattoo is usually made on the chest or near the heart. It can be drawn as it is, or can be combined with other designs like a flower, a rosary, or with a holy script. Sometimes, praying hands, short bible verses, initials, or name of the wearer or his beloved are inscribed along with the cross.
A crucifix tattoo design can also be considered.

However, a cross does not always represent religion or spirituality. There are many other types of crosses and each has a symbolic meaning of its own. For e.g., the Egyptian Ankh is a type of cross and symbolizes life.

Some More Cross Tattoo Designs

The cross is considered as one of the oldest symbols in the world and is found in Roman, Latin, Greek, Chinese, and Egyptian cultures. Following are some of the most popular cross tattoo designs. You can go for the one that helps give a proper expression to your thoughts.

Celtic Cross

Celtic designs comprise knots that have neither beginning nor end. These designs are unique and appealing. These never-ending knots represent the cycle of life and rebirth. Secondly, these tattoos are favored by people who follow or take a pride in the Celtic culture. The Celtic cross also symbolizes transition between day and night, and between the seasons.

Greek Cross

The Greek cross is one of the oldest symbols in the world. Unlike the Latin cross, all parts of the Greek cross are equal, i.e., it has equal length and width. This cross is used by the Eastern Orthodoxy. It is also called the cross of Earth or the Zodiac cross.

Gothic Cross

This is one of the least popular tattoo designs because the meanings associated with it. These designs have darker meanings and negative connotations like pain, anger, death, etc. The cross is combined with other designs like gargoyles, bones, vine, wings, etc. Due to the dark imagery, this tattoo is easily identified.

Tribal Cross

A tribal cross tattoo is more popular for its design and beauty than for its meaning.
Tribal tattoos are usually favored by people who believe in paying homage to their ancestors. However, these days tribal tattoos are favored for their visual appeal and unique nature. The black or navy blue designs, with distinct patterns, make a tribal cross very appealing.

Maltese Cross

With its arms tapering towards the center, the Maltese cross (also known as the eight-pointed cross) appears more like a star. This cross was worn by the Knights of Malta. It symbolizes courage, strength, and bravery. It also stands for justice and prudence.

Tau Cross

The Cross of Tau, or the St. Anthony's Cross, is shaped like the alphabet 'T'. It is named so because it resembles the Greek letter tau. It is a relatively lesser popular tattoo design, and stands for life and reincarnation.

Iron Cross

The iron cross is often associated with the Germans as it was used as a military decoration in Germany. While many consider this symbol controversial (because many Nazi soldiers were decorated with it), it is not so because it is associated with courage and bravery. Note that this is neither a Nazi nor a racist symbol.

Inverted Cross

The inverted cross is yet another controversial tattoo design because of its contradictory meanings. An inverted Latin cross is believed to portray Satanic faith. However, not many are aware that the inverted cross is, actually, the Saint Peter's cross and is considered a holy symbol by Catholics. Having an inverted cross tattoo will leave you open to criticism as it has varying and contradictory meanings.

Egyptian Cross

The Egyptian cross or Ankh is a cross with a loop at the top. This is one of the most ancient symbols in the world, and also the most popular Egyptian symbol. The Egyptian cross stands for life, fertility, and giver of energy.
In some parts of the world, the two intersecting lines of the cross represent the Mother and the Father nature. A cross also stands for fertility and permanence of life or immortality. On deep reading, you will come across many other meaning associated with different types of cross tattoos.
The placement of the tattoo roughly depends on the size of the tattoo. Once you have chosen a design from the myriad options, you can consult a certified professional artist and have the tattoo made. There are endless options for cross tattoo designs for you to consider. On the other hand, you can also be creative and come up with your own design, and flaunt your tattoo proudly. Good luck!