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Cute Bow Tattoo Design Ideas for Girls

Mukta Gaikwad Mar 21, 2020
Tattoos are a decorative art form that ought to enhance your appearance, and also act as an expression of your heartfelt emotion. Ribbon bow tattoos perfectly fit this idea and look that you intend to create. Let's look at these cute bow tattoo designs to make an informed decision about the right one to ink.
I am a canvas of my experiences, my story is etched in lines and shading, and you can read it on my arms, my legs, my shoulders, and my stomach.
― Kat Von D
Sporting a tattoo is akin to wearing your attitude or emotion on your sleeve. In fact, it is inking it forever. It is living with the attitude, emotion or thought of what you once believed for an eternity. As this body art is permanent, due thought should be given to the desired design before inking one.
In what follows, let's take a look at some of the popular bow tattoo design ideas. In recent times, this particular design has become increasingly popular among girls of all ages. Not only do bows make cute body art, but they also hold a deeper meaning. Also, a lot more can be added to a simple bow design to reflect your exact emotion.

Cute Bow Tattoo Design Ideas

A Bow Anklet

Bow tattoos arises from the need to tie knots to hold something together. It could be a gift, a document, a valuable parcel, notes, and so on. It is a derivation of this necessity to tie things up so that you can gift them or hold them together for a reason. A design that denotes a simple, loosely tied knot has been used by many as a decorative body art.
Getting a cute bow ribbon tattoo around your ankle is a popular way of sporting this design. You can make this tattoo colorful, or keep it black. Getting a tattoo on the ankle is always a great idea as the skin in that area does not stretch too much as compared to other areas.

A Bow Bracelet

Every gift box has a bow on top of it. It is a way of attaching a heartfelt note to the gift and adding an aesthetic value to the packing.
Similarly, a bow tattoo around your wrist can mean as though you were someone's gift, with love. Once again, you can keep this tattoo simply black or ornate and colorful.

On the Neck

Bows have eternally been a part of women's clothing and accessories. Whether it is to tie the hair, or provide shapes to their bodies by tying a bow on the back of the dress. Bows have always brought out the femininity in a woman's life in a subtle way.
A cute bow on the nape of your neck can symbolize femininity and daintiness.

Cute on the Wrist

The wrist is one of the best parts of the body to sport a cute tattoo. A cute pink, red, polka-dotted, or bright-colored bow is absolutely the best tattoo design if you are looking for cute tattoo ideas. 
Its placement, size, and puffy look make it worthy of sporting it. A cute ribbon on the wrist can also stand for love, warmth, and embrace.

Garter Highs

Much before garters became associated with a sensual fashion accessory, they provided an important function of holding the stockings in place. 
However, as garters now are solely understood as a piece of clothing that add to a woman's oomph, getting a garter bow tattoo is a great way of inking this sex appeal permanently.
Besides the aforementioned ideas, a cute bow tattoo on your finger is also a great idea to try. This design and placement symbolizes a way of remembering a date that is important to you. It could be your anniversary date, date of your first born, or a date when you first met your partner.
To keep the bow tattoos cute, keep them as simple as possible, and remember to place them correctly depending on their size.