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Double Navel Piercing

Mamta Mule
Heard about double navel piercing? Well, that's an easy way to don a hot look. Here's more about the same.
Navel piercing is undoubtedly one of the most attractive and exotic types of piercing. It is amongst the most popularly followed fashion trend, especially by women, that instantly gives them a sexy look.
Navel piercing, also popularly known as belly button piercing is done anywhere around the navel, on the navel lip. Though the navel piercing healing time is known to be quite long, it is claimed to be the most trendy and popular choice of piercing by piercing enthusiasts.
Now, you might be wondering what double navel piercing is. Here's more about this type of piercing that is becoming a hot favorite of many.

What is Double Navel Piercing?

It basically refers to having two piercings along the navel lip, such that a piece of jewelry passes through both piercings. It can be described as an industrial piercing that is done on the navel instead of the ear. It involves getting a basic and an inverse navel piercing.
The basic navel piercing is done vertically from the top, and passes through the rim of the navel, at the skin fold; while, an inverse piercing is done from below the belly and passes through the bottom rim. Both these piercings combine to form a double navel piercing.
Another variant of this double piercing is horizontal navel piercing. In this type of piercing, the jewelry passes through the skin above the navel ridge rather than going through it. One popular fashion is double horizontal piercing.
In this two separate piercings are done on either side of the belly button. These are then joined with a long horizontal barbell, ends of which will come out from each hole and mid part is visible in the navel ridge.
Depending on the orientation of these piercings and your own personal style, you can choose suitable trendy jewelry and get an overall funky looking navel area. If you get more than one navel piercing, it is also called multi-navel piercing. Sometimes, girls get 4-5 such piercings that together form a designer pattern on this area.

Jewelry Options

Even a small piece of jewelry plays an important role in making any body piercing look beautiful. However, this is only possible if you pick the right body jewelry. For a navel piercing, you need to pick small pieces with cute designs which will help the piercing look beautiful. You have a lot of options available in terms of colors and shapes.
For the double piercing, two barbells, one for each piercing, look very pretty. You can also get jeweled ones that will look attractive and simply awesome. Curved barbells are also a popular choice. Plain titanium or stainless steel bars are simple and look lovely.
If you want something long, then go for the navel danglers. Available in various designs, shapes of these gems are striking and bold. Well, its best to restrict bigger gems for special occasions, as these might look tacky, if worn on a daily basis. Flower and dolphin shaped tiny danglers are preferred by many.
Navel rings and studs, worn together, look extremely funky. What's more? You can also get personalized navel jewelry, such as rings having initials or a name of your choice inscribed over it. You can also opt for personalized danglers.
Once you decide to have a double navel piercing, ensure that you go to a reputed professional for getting this job done perfectly. To avoid infection, pain, and to ensure fast healing, make sure that you follow the right aftercare. Get you belly pierced twice, grace it with lovely jewelry, and get ready to flaunt this sizzling look!