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Egyptian Tattoos for Men

Western culture has always been charmed by hieroglyphs and animal headed deities of the ancient Egyptian civilization. Here are some ideas on Egyptian tattoos for men that you can opt to get inked with!
Tattooing is about personalizing the body, making it a true home and fit temple for the spirit that dwells inside it. ~ Michelle Delio
Indeed, a tattoo is your own autograph on your own body! That design you got inked on your skin may have been inspired by contemporary fashion or something that you saw on someone else and fell for it but you went for that one motif out of hundreds of others serves to show that it drew you in because you identified some aspect of yourself with it!
That way, it becomes a symbol of your individuality even if it's not original! Mysterious Egyptian hieroglyphs and graphics have always captured the imagination of the Western World and they serve as ornamental décor for all sorts of artistic pursuits - from wall hangings to expansive murals to body art!
Here are some ideas on Egyptian tattoos for guys, along with their meaning and symbolism, that guys can use to add some artistic intrigue to their personalities.

Egyptian Tattoo Ideas

Be it those muscular arms, that broad chest or those six-pack abs, you can choose from and customize the following Egyptian motifs and symbol ideas to give your persona a cryptic sort of depth and envelop yourself in an air of mystique without losing out on the macho factor.


The unmistakable loop-topped T is a simple yet extremely flexible motif to get inked in. The Ankh is one of the most popular Egyptian tattoo motifs and it personifies the concept of eternal life, the ancient Egyptian belief in life after death.
You have a very diverse scope of customization when it comes to the Ankh. You can get a 3D style graphic or surround it in flaming tongues of fire. You can also get a pair of mysterious hands in cloak sleeves inked so that they appear to clutch the Ankh.

Eye of Horus

Often referred to as the Eye of Ra this symbol looks like a single eye with elaborate kohl linings with two ornamental markings - one stump-like and brief with a wedged end and the other elaborately slanted, curling upwards in a single loop on its free extremity - shooting out from the lower lid.
A symbol of royal power, protection and bountiful health, this symbol is for men who consider themselves courageous and dependable but not without a streak of adventure and an eye for challenges.


Wanna stand out of the pack? Get some cool and intriguing hieroglyphs tattooed on chest, shoulders or back. A wider location is preferable as hieroglyphs are picture writings that take up a lot of space to say even a three-letter phrase! A larger area enables you to flaunt a legible size of images. You can get anything hieroglyphically tattooed on your body.
Most decent tattoo parlors that specialize in tribal body art and pagan sigils will give you a catalog that translates popular tattoo quotes and phrases into hieroglyphs! So, just go ahead and get inked with whatever comes to your mind in cool hieroglyphs!

Ancient Gods

Jackal-headed Anubis, hawk-headed Ra, crocodile-headed Sobek, ram-headed Khnum, scarab-headed Khepri - you can get the image of any of the ancient Egyptian gods tattooed on yourself. Almost all of these gods were protectors of some or the other aspect of life and Earth so they symbolize power, protection and eternity.

Scarab Beetle

A resolute survivor that battles the terribly hot and dry climate of the Sahara and dwells among the barren, dusty dunes, the scarab beetle is a symbol of tenacity as it does not give up even in the face of such natural adversity!
Scarabs were considered sacred in ancient Egypt and were believed to possess the power of reincarnation. The scarab is also a symbol of the ancient Egyptian deity Khepri.
We are sure that your interest in getting yourself inked with these motifs has been stirred, especially after getting acquainted with these Egyptian tattoo meanings and symbolism. These Egyptian tattoos for men would look equally cool on a woman, provided she has an aura of unpredictability and a streak of mystique in her personality.
Besides these, women can also get the images of Pasht or Bastet inked on their arms or shoulder blades as these female Egyptian deities personified a combination of maternal care and feminine power. Besides, who isn't aware of women's eternal fascination with all things feline?
Guys, on the other hand, can draw inspiration from Hollywood and get a sexy Anck Su Namun figure, in complete Egyptian haute couture (it must be tough getting the image of a hardly-clad Patricia Velásquez out of your mind!), inked on their arm or back!