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Exotic Flower Tattoos and Their Meaning

Bhakti Satalkar Mar 9, 2020
With flower tattoos becoming the flavor of the season, everyone wants their tattoo to stand out from the rest of the crowd. In this story, read about some exotic flowers which you can use to make unique tattoos.
Flower tattoo designs have been used since the time the art of tattoo making actually came into practice. Among flower tattoos, exotic flowers have always caught the attention of mankind. Exotic flower tattoos have especially become a hit among girls. For them, these tattoos symbolize life and beauty, along with the impressive quality that flowers have. Most of these tattoo designs are very colorful and are often extremely feminine.

Exotic Flower Designs

With the different exotic flowers available, it is possible to choose a motif that has powerful meaning and significance. There are certain varieties of flowers which have become more popular than the rest.
The most commonly chosen flower designs are daffodils, daisies, hibiscus, lilies, lotuses, roses, sunflowers, etc. Although there are many other designs available, these rule the roost among all floral motifs. At the same time, there are some flower tattoos which have also become popular for their exotic associations.
Some of them include:
  • Angelica, which is used to depict inspiration and magic.
  • Azalea. that signifies temperance and a winning blush.
  • Baby's Breath, which indicates that the person wearing the tattoo has a pure heart.
  • Bluebell, which shows constancy in character of the tattoo wearer, and can also mean sorrowful regret,
  • Buttercup, that denotes richness of personality.
  • Carnations, that have long been associated with fidelity as well as love.
  • Cherry Blossoms, that are not really exotic, but known to depict spiritual beauty.
  • Cornflowers, that stand for delicacy and refinement, hence, known as exotic flower designs for girls.
  • Crocus, that has many meanings attached to it; common ones include abuse me not, gladness, and mirth.
  • Dandelion, that are exotic flowers which signify coquetry and love's oracle.
  • Dogwood flowers, that stand for forgetfulness and undiminished love.
  • The Four o'Clock flower, that is suitable for timid people.
  • Fuchsia, that means confiding about love.
  • Peach Blossom, that gives the message 'I am your captive'.
  • Gardenia, that signifies refinement.
  • Geranium, that signifies gentility and also depicts a peaceful mind.
  • Honeysuckle, that is often used by couples to show their bonds of love.
  • Jasmine flower that tells the world that the tattoo wearer wants to say 'I am too happy'.
  • Rhododendron flower, that says, 'Beware, I am dangerous'.
  • Lantana flower, that signifies that the tattoo wearer is unyielding.
  • Magnolia flower, that depicts benevolence, high-souled love of nature, as well as magnificence.
  • Morning Glory, that is used to depict affection and departure.
  • Orange Blossom, that is a favorite among tattoo lovers, as it stands for chastity, eternal love, marriage, and bridal festivities among other positive attributes attached to love.
  • Saffron flower, that signifies caution towards excess pleasures, voluptuousness, or that the tattoo wearer is perfectly lovely.
  • Thistle flower, that stands for austerity and sternness, among other things.
  • Tulips, that stand for enchantment and the beauty of a person's eyes.
  • Zinnia, that depicts that the tattoo wearer has thoughts of absent or lost friends.
Along with these meanings, they eternally mean spring, life, rebirth, beauty, and fertility. You can also choose to combine the floral designs with other designs like butterflies, etc., to lend a more feminine touch to the tattoo.