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Eye of Horus Tattoo

Eye of Horus tattoo is a popular tattoo design known for its mystical history. To know more about its origin, read the following story.
Mayuri Kulkarni
Tattooing has become a popular form of self expression. A tattoo can be a nice body art to portray your emotions, feelings, beliefs and traditions. Or it can be a mere design on the body to make a unique fashion statement. There are a myriad of tattoo designs and you can select any of them, depending on your likes and dislikes. 
Some tattoos are actually age-old symbols used for protection or good luck. For example, the nautical star tattoo is popularly used for good luck and strength.

Same is the case with the Eye of Horus tattoo which is also known as Eye of Ra.
Many of the tattoos have history behind their origin and this tattoo is one such design with an interesting history. This tattoo is actually a design with the symbol of the eye of an Egyptian god, Horus.

Meaning and History of the Tattoo

Horus is an Egyptian sky god with the head of a falcon. His mother, Iris, was a matriarchal magician and his father, Osiris, was among the greatest of the gods. Seth was his brother and he murdered their father. Further, there was a fight between the two brothers for the throne. Horus won this fight but had to lose his left eye.
Now, Horus' left eye was "eye of moon" and right eye was "eye of sun". This left eye was later restored by the god, Thoth. The eye of moon further got recognition as "Wedjat eye" which means "the green one".

The left eye was used as an amulet by Horus to restore the life of his father, Osiris.
Since then, the Eye of Horus was known for its protective powers and great healing results. The use of this Wedjat eye can be dated back to 2300 BCE. Many of the replicas were used extensively for wrapping mummies. Thus, it is considered as a symbol that keeps away evil spirits and protects from darkness.

Tattoo Designs

When it comes to Eye of Horus tattoo, you do not have to think much about the design, because the symbol in itself is very unique and artistic. The symbol is one of a kind with a slanting curvy line that runs from the forward corner of the eye. This feature basically comes from typical shape of a falcon's eye. 
This tattoo can be carved in combination with other tattoos like sun and moon tattoos. One of the popular designs is the Eye of Horus placed in the center of a Sun tattoo, surrounded by yellow-colored flames. This tattoo can be also carved with a tribal touch, by giving toothed edges to the lines. Black is one of the popular colors used for this tattoo.
Some people also get this tattoo with a color combination of red, green, yellow and blue. Placing this tattoo is very easy, since this is a small tattoo design. Some tattoo lovers get the tattoo on the wrist, while some get it on the neck or the back. Since it is small in size you can place it anywhere you want.