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Nail the Look You Want With These Unique Finger Tattoos

Madhura Pandit Mar 9, 2020
Finger or ring tattoos are one of the unique tattoo designs found today. Here are various ideas and pictures of tattoos on fingers for men and women.
Although tattoos can be permanent, semi-permanent and temporary ones, tattoo lovers mostly go for the permanent tattoos. Permanent tattoo making is a form of art, where designs and patterns are made on the body with indelible ink. Tattoos are made by people for several reasons. The first and most common being, an expression of one's thoughts and beliefs. Secondly, tattoos are also made for fashion purposes. Many people sport tattoos on arms, neck, back and abdomen. However, one of the unique form today is the finger tattoo. Let us know more on it.

Tattoo Pictures

Hands and fingers are visible parts of the body, and hence, considered as one of the best places to showcase your art to people. However, some people may argue that as there is hardly any space on the fingers, one may have limited options for tattoo designs. This is true, but, there are several designs and patterns that can be used for making finger tattoos.
Secondly, many people do not wish to have larger tattoos made on their body, as they may not be approved in certain societies or communities. These people prefer the finger or ring tattoos, as they are smaller in size and not obviously eye-catching!

Tattoo Ideas

Tattoos can be made on the front, back or even lateral side of fingers. As you can see from the pictures above, there are several designs and patterns that can be used for making tattoos on fingers. You can take a cue from these pictures, or choose from the ideas given below.

Wedding Ring Tattoos

As mentioned above, finger tattoos are often synonymous with ring tattoos. Tattoos can be made on the ring finger, i.e., the third finger of the left hand. Sporting ring or wedding band tattoos is considered as a unique way to show love and commitment. During formal occasions, this tattoo can be easily hidden with a real ring.

Name Tattoos

You can inscribe your name or initials on a single finger or on adjacent fingers.
If your name is short enough, you can inscribe a single alphabet on each finger and write the compete name as a tattoo. People also love inscribing their and their beloved's initials on the fingers in the form of tattoo. You can use different texts and even draw small designs alongside in order to personalize it.

Vine Tattoos

In ancient times, vine crowns were worn by Roman rulers; and also were used as symbols of celebrations. Today, vine tattoos are one of the most popular tattoo designs. If you wish to have a delicate and graceful tattoo design, then you can opt for a vine rising from the base of the hand to the nail; or one wrapped around the finger. Vines of cherry blossom, holly, etc., are widely used for making vine tattoos.

Text Tattoos

Inspirational or motivational words, quotes, or love messages can also be inscribed on fingers in the form of tattoos. Words for finger or ring tattoos also include religious texts and words. One of the commonly used texts are 'I love you', "We love Jesus', 'Peace', 'Hope', 'Smile', etc. These can be accompanied by designs that portray these words, like the heart, cross, crescent, or the peace sign, etc.
Apart from these, a simple and small heart, trails of hearts or stars, shooting star, butterfly, flowers, snake, etc., are the other options for finger tattoos for women and men. It is essential to put a lot of thought before going for a permanent tattoo, as tattoo removal, specially on fingers, can be very painful. Secondly, a tattoo should always be made from a certified professional tattoo artist. Lastly, remember that finger or ring tattoos are quite unique, and your tattoo will surely be in vogue forever. Good luck!