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Firefighter Tattoo Designs

If you have been in awe of the real life firefighters or are a firefighter yourself, take a look at these unique tattoo designs which you can definitely choose from.
Aparna Jadhav
Firefighters are known for their courage and bravery as they deal with deathly situations to save lives. These men and women are worth the appreciation for all the efforts they put in to save other people's lives by risking their own.
If you are a supporter of these firefighters or are one yourself, wouldn't you like getting one of these artistic firefighter tattoos inked on your body?

There are many designs you can choose from and they also look good on whichever part of the body you decide to get them on.
The emblems, individual pictures of firefighters, signs and symbols that represent it, and many more designs can make great firefighter tattoo designs.

Hope And Protection

Since these brave men and women give up their lives trying to save complete strangers, they stand for a personification of angels. Thus, wings of angels or eagles around firemen symbolize the angelic figures in these ordinary human heroes. Angel wing tattoos are very famous as firefighter tattoos and are used by many tattoo fans.

The Fire Company Emblem

Every fire company in every country has its own emblem and symbol to represent the department. Getting these emblems inked as tattoos can make great designs or sometimes symbolize the support of the fire department.
Across the world, these emblems have many styles like a firefighter helmet on fire, an ax and a water pipe crossed around the helmet, a hawk holding the helmet or a shield, etc. The mottoes, words of strength, and many more phrases that define a firefighter could make attractive firefighter design as well.

Memorial And Scenes Of Firefighting

Many people who have been through scary experiences of fire, or have lost someone to it get these memorial tattoos made.
The relatives of firefighters who have lost their lives in deadly fires, also get their portraits made in the form of tattoos or the scenes of the fire where they lost their loved ones. Names and dates of incidents when they went through these grave losses are also made into tattoo designs for the constant memory of their sacrifice.

Other Designs

Some more attractive tattoos can include designs like the St. Florian symbol since he is considered as the patron saint of firefighters. Maltese cross tattoos are also a good choice for firefighter tattoos for women as well as men. This symbol was used by knights as a symbol of bravery and valor when they went to battle.
Celtic tattoos and symbols of fire like the leprechauns and shamrocks with firehouse symbols can also make good unisex tattoos. These Celtic tattoo symbols along with the four leaf clover tattoo stand for good luck and wishes, which are often needed by these firefighters while doing their jobs...
With such a variety of designs for firefighter tattoos mentioned above, you can surely think of getting the one that suits you the best. They not only look trendy but also have a meaning to them if you're looking for sensitive tattoo designs.