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Forearm Tattoo Designs for Men

Madhura Pandit
Forearm or sleeve tattoos are very popular among men. Right from simple designs to abstract ones, forearm tattoos are impressive and carry deeper meanings than you realize.
The forearm is the coolest place for men to inscribe tattoos for many reasons. For one, it is one of the least painful places to make a tattoo. Secondly, the tattoo can be shown off and covered easily. A decorative tattoo on the arm can show off your biceps perfectly. As a tattoo is all about creativity, you can simply pick any design or symbol under the sun, and have it tattooed. But, as a tattoo usually represents your beliefs and thoughts, try to go for something meaningful and symbolic.

Forearm Tattoo Pictures and Meanings

Sporting an attractive tattoo on the arm will definitely attract people's attention. Take a look at the following pictures to get an idea for your tattoos. You can zero down on a design whose meanings you can relate to. Copy down the picture that you like and show it to your tattoo artist to get a similar one.

The dragon, skull, eagle, cross, etc., are the arm tattoo designs commonly favored by men because of their visual appeal and symbolism.

Dragon Tattoo

A dragon is a mythological creature found in many tales and legends. It is powerful, protective, courageous, and mystical.
A dragon tattoo stands for the qualities portrayed by the dragon. It is a perfect tattoo symbol for aggressive and brave men who crave power. A dragon can be made in colorful and ornate designs. Being a mark of fearlessness, love of art, and fascination for mythology, a dragon tattoo says it all.

Star Tattoo

Among all star designs, the shooting star, the moon star, and the nautical star are the most favored ones.
The shooting star, with its trail of smaller stars, or combination of the star and the moon, etc., have symbolic meanings. The shooting star symbolizes good luck and fulfillment of wishes, and hence, people who strongly believe in it, sport this tattoo design. The nautical star, on the other hand, symbolizes guidance and protection.

Text Tattoos

Rather than using pictures, images, and designs to convey a related meaning, people sometimes go for plain text. Having texts, phrases, poetic lines, verses, names, initials, date, or a single letter meaningful word inscribed on the body is a common tattoo trend.
You can try either of these with attractive font types, colors, with/without accompanying designs, etc. On the other hand, if you are looking for something unique, you can simply go for ambigram tattoos. An ambigram is a word written such that, even when read in a straight or an upside down manner, it reads the same. It represents opposite things in life.

Flame Tattoo

Flame is an uncommon tattoo design. A flame tattoo stands for passion or burning desire for something.
It also stands for light, gaining knowledge, etc. On the other hand, it has many negative meanings like danger, sin, destruction, etc. A flame can be drawn singularly or combined with other designs like the skull, heart, or chains, etc.

Skull Tattoo

Arguably, the skull tattoo is a truly masculine tattoo design. People usually associate the skull with death or destruction.
It is one of the most popular, but, not the only meaning of a skull tattoo. It also stands for freedom or breaking free from bondage. Bikers usually sport this tattoo to represent free spirit. A skull tattoo has contradictory meanings, as in some cultures, it stands for good luck, while in some, it is bad luck because it represents death.

Tribal Art

Tribal forearm tattoo designs, with their black, white, or navy blue patterns, are very popular among men. They are favored by people for their dark, mysterious charm.
Most of the popular tattoo designs like the heart, skull, dragon, etc., can be made in tribal art. Every design has a meaning of its own. Tribal art is popular because of its distinct appearance. Secondly, as they are done in black, they do not discolor easily.

Eagle Tattoo

An eagle tattoo is favored for its meanings. In general, an eagle stands for bravery, courage, and freedom.
In the Greek mythology, an eagle represented the Greek God Zeus. A bald eagle also represents the United States of America.
Fearlessness, authority, power, protectiveness, dominance, and liberty are some of the other meanings associated with this tattoo. This tattoo can be drawn in various forms, in color or tribal pattern, with or without other accompanying symbols.

Cross Tattoo

The cross is one of the most popular and widely used tattoo designs in the world. The Latin cross represents Christianity, and those following the religion usually go for this tattoo.
But, other forms of the cross like the Gothic, or the tribal or the Maltese, or Celtic cross can also make great forearm tattoo designs for men. The iron cross is another popular but controversial tattoo design. Apart from religion, a cross also stands for faith, life, honor, etc.

Heart Tattoo

Everyone is aware of the meaning and symbolism of a heart tattoo. It is one of the most famous tattoo designs for both, men and women.
A heart symbolizes love, passion, union, relationship, and togetherness. It also stands for freedom and peace that comes with love. Sometimes, a bleeding heart or a broken heart are also tattooed to depict lost love or a broken heart. This tattoo can be drawn in red or black colors.

Sun Tattoo

The sun, arguably, is a masculine tattoo design. In ancient times, the sun was worshiped as a giver of life. Therefore, it also stands for fertility and rebirth.
Due to its bright appearance, it is associated with energy, vigor, and vitality. The sun is combined with other symbols like the moon, stars, and clouds to create a unique and meaningful design. If not favored in its bright yellow and orange colors, you can consider having it made in the tribal style, i.e., in black color.
Some other lesser known ideas include zodiac symbols, Japanese texts, peace sign tattoos, etc.
It is recommended to have a tattoo made by a certified experienced tattoo artist to avoid errors and infection. You can go for any of the above mentioned designs or use them as inspirations to create your own tattoo designs. Good luck!