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Four Leaf Clover Tattoos

Shrinivas Kanade Mar 11, 2020
Four leaf clover tattoo is an interesting and right way of carrying your luck with you. This tattoo is gaining popularity among the youngsters from all over the world.
When you hear someone say, "The luck of the Irish", have no doubt in your mind that, the speaker is referring to a 1 in 10,000 chance of success. It is what your chances are of finding a four leaf clover in Ireland. Because of its rarity, the Irish have accepted it as the manifestation of the ever elusive luck.
Along with the shamrock (a three-leafed old white clover), the clover symbolizes Ireland. Its tattoos are appreciated not only by the Celts of Irish origin, but by all of those who want to be lucky, at least once in their life.Now that you know what they mean, it will not be too, hard for you to know what a person sporting it on his arm or elsewhere desires.

Tattoo Legend

According to a legend, a four leaf clover was carried by the Eve, when she was expelled from the Garden of Eden along with Adam. The tattoo's meaning is short and simple i.e. "Make Me Happy!" This tattoo represents in pictorial from, the 4 important aspects of human life.
  • Hope
  • Faith
  • Love
  • Luck
These tattoos link us to a past that spans thousands of years, from the modern era when the natives of Ireland were converted to Christianity, to the Celtic tribes and then on to the Druids, who inhabited Ireland before them.

Tattoos Designs

There are literally hundreds of designs of for this tattoo on the Internet, especially, on the websites dedicated to the art of tattoos. People throughout the history of mankind have used not only four leaf clovers to change their luck, but also, zodiac signs which some believe help in reversing one's bad luck. There are a huge number of tribal tattoos that display a similar concept.
If you are hunting for luck for some reason and if you are open to tattooing, consider this Irish tattoo. Instead of downloading ready-made 4-leaf-clover designs from the Internet and using one of them, creating a unique tattoo design for yourself is a better idea. An idea combining a horse shoe which is considered as a lucky charm, with the four leaf clover to produce the design sounds good. You can also add the image of a rabbit foot to make the tattoo more impressive.
If you have really decided to come up with your own clover tattoo designs, you may consider an important fact that, the four leaf clover is a genetic variant of the three leaf clover. I have seen few designs with similar and perfectly shaped leaves. Presumably, not all the designs available on the Internet are of this kind.
A true four leaf clover has a leaf that is a bit shorter than that of the rest. If you incorporate this detail in design, it will make the tattoo more traditional and a true good-luck charm, which is what you want.
Tattoos, especially tribal ones, have been a part of human culture for thousands of years. Tattoos such as the Chinese dragon tattoos have been used as a medium of expressing one's deepest desires such as gaining power, success and security. Tribal sun tattoos are also employed to pay respect to deities and the supernatural forces.
In some of the cultures tattoos were used to distinguish the status of an individual in social ranks. Four leaf clovers are part of the Irish tradition, are considered the lucky charms along with the rabbit foot and the dice. It is no wonder that it received appreciation and are favored all over the world by the people.