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Fox Tattoo Meaning and Design Ideas

Shalu Bhatti
Animal themes have always been a vogue among tattoo enthusiasts, and if the animal is a fox, the tattoo becomes all the more foxy! A fox is associated with many traits, both good and bad.

Symbolism of a Fox

  • Fertility
  • Treachery
  • Cleverness
  • Sexuality
  • Cunningness
  • Wisdom
Agreed that the famous legends and stories have given this creature quite an infamous reputation among us, however, if you go through the symbolism and meanings associated with a fox in different cultures, you would come to realize that a fox is more versatile than you thought it to be.
It sees a situation with a more innovative and out-of-the-box mindset than any other creature on the planet. It is this unique and curious approach of this creature that makes it an inevitable winner, even where there are competitors that are far more powerful than it.
A fox tattoo becomes a must-have for you if you too see this creature in a positive light. After all, in a world where everyone, known and unknown, is trying to pull you down, there is nothing wrong with being clever, opportunist, or even cunning and deceitful, to survive.
As humane and generous we may claim ourselves to be, our wild natural instinct can be easily seen when it comes to basic survival. Having said that, we think a fox becomes all the more superior to all creatures in this regard, as it uses its clever mind and agility to escape safely from any threat, mostly along with the rewards for which it takes the risk.

20 Amazing Fox Tattoo Designs and their Interpretations

This tattoo theme not only provides you with a great meaningful association, but even the variants that this theme can offer, are quite extraordinary! A fox carries quite a heap of history associated with it, that consists of legends, tales, spiritual and mystical connotations, and the like.
Even if we keep the history aside, today even a little toddler knows of the traits associated with this creature. The following designs will give a glimpse of how this wonderful animal can become a part of your existence, when presented with a dash of creativity and art.

Into the wild ...

This gorgeous elaborately-done back tattoo remarkably captures the essence of the wild. A fox is quite shy in its ways, and rarely does one get to see it hunting, or just roaming around in the lush green forest.
This tattoo can be interpreted in two ways. One, where the fox is looking at the sparrow with an intention to hunt it down; and two, where this playful and curious creature is just observing the bird from a distance. Not many pay attention to this fact, but it is the observational and curious tendencies of a fox that makes it a wise and stealthy hunter.

Always know what's cooking behind your back

What makes this creature so exceptional in surviving, is the fact that it is highly watchful and alert towards its surroundings. There is no nook and cranny that can remain hidden from a fox's eyes.
This tattoo is not only wonderfully done when it comes to the shading and details of the design, but also portrays the vigilance of this creature brilliantly, the lack of which calls for great trouble not only in the animal world, but also in the human world.

Win all, or nothing!

We absolutely loved this tattoo! Some of you may take it as selfishness, but in the wild, the prize is never shared. It is only the best that wins, and wins it all! There could be no other animal that could have been placed in this design other than a fox.
After all, it has all the talent, in body and mind, to emerge as the ultimate winner. With a clever use of its slyness, stealth, and agility, it can easily defeat (or deceit) even the most powerful predators that exist!

The love of a mommy fox

A woman is incomplete until she becomes a mother.
Did you know that a fox is also symbolic of femininity, fertility, and motherly love? This facet of this creature is beautifully reflected in this tattoo.
The string of flowers that surround the mother fox are symbolic of her delicate love and nurturing ways. The way her tail surrounds her cubs is symbolic of her protectiveness. A beautiful tattoo with a beautiful meaning indeed!

The fox, the moon, and the night

Night is beautiful, and perhaps its beauty manifolds when seen from the eyes of those that reside in the wild. The combination of the night theme with that of a fox just highlights this creature's admirable and curious nature.
Perhaps it's just staring at the moon wondering about its beauty, thinking that where every animal in the forest just knows how to take away, the moon is one source that gives away its light in the darkness of night, without expecting anything in return.

The Native American fox tattoo

This tattoo combines the essence of the Native American dreamcatcher and the symbolism associated with the fox spirit animal.
The Northern tribes consider it to be a creature of wisdom and nobility, and often seek its guidance to find a way in the midst of unknown paths.
Having said that, this tattoo design represents the need and guidance of the fox, to solve the puzzle and haziness that one experiences in one's inner self. Alternately, a dreamcatcher with a fox depicts one's need to find his/her path in an unknown world, and seeking a fox's help in the process.

The artsy fox tattoo

The way this design has been made reminds us of henna tattoos. This typical feminine tattoo does well to put forth the delicate-yet-bold demeanor of a strong and self-confident woman.
The black and bold strokes are symbolic of self-assurance, whereas the delicate curves of the design represents creativity and innovation. After all, it is only through the innovative, out-of-the-box approach of a fox that it excels in its goals.

The noble diplomat

Don't you agree that diplomats share the traits of a fox when it comes to their tactics and reasoning skills? In this tattoo, this creature has been personified as a man that exhibits class, nobility, wisdom, and knowledge.
This tattoo is symbolic of a person who climbed up the ladder through his own curiosity and cleverness, and as he climbed higher, he acquired knowledge and wisdom through his experiences. Sounds like the story of someone who's gone from rags to riches, doesn't it?

The arctic fox tattoo

The arctic fox represents mystery and disguise. This symbolism is derived from its ability to merge, or should we say, become invisible in its snowy surroundings. This animal is believed to carry a sort of magical illusion with it, where it is impossible for one to detect its presence/absence at any given instance. Surely a symbol of mystery and grace!

The face of a fox

The face of a fox is perhaps one of the most misleading and versatile face you'll ever see. For you never know what's running in its clever mind while it passes those innocent gazes towards you.
This tattoo is for those who believe that nothing can be taken as per the 'face value'. We absolutely love the watercolor effect used to make this tattoo. The 3D effect on the face of the fox also looks fab!

It's not the nature of the fox, it's nature itself!

As fun and colorful this tattoo may appear to be, it's meaning is way deeper than what seems to the eye.
The different colors used to form the fox represents the facets of nature, the facets of life. If you look at this tattoo carefully, you would notice that at the beginning of the face, the leaves are in their natural color.
However, as you see down, the leaves grow and transform to various colors. These are the colors of wisdom acquired from experience and observation. The more we live, the more we learn, and the more colors we add to our personality. Finally, we come to our final shade and wither away in nature itself. Deep and insightful!

A tattoo for the foxy fashionista!

'Foxy' is the term often used for a beautiful and attractive woman who seems mysterious, perhaps malicious in her ways.
In the fashion world, a fox's fur is considered as the epitome of class and status. This tattoo would complement those women well, who are obsessed with fashion and trends, and take their foxy traits in their stride.

A geeky twist of style!

As mentioned earlier, a female fox, or a vixen is symbolic of style and fashion.
This tattoo gives a geeky twist to what we perceive as an ideal fashionista! If you are a woman that knows her lipstick and her glasses, and isn't afraid to flaunt the geek in her, this tattoo is definitely for you!

Colors from the storybook!

The literary world is full of fox stories and characters, characters that are usually displayed in such colorful manner in children's book. This tattoo is based on the very same thought. If you have grown up reading fox stories, and if you feel that the various shades of its personality have influenced your life in some way or the other, then this tattoo is for you.

Remember the moral of the story?

Who doesn't remember this iconic story of 'The Fox and The Grapes'? If this happens to be one of those tales that left an everlasting impact on you as a child, why not ink it up and keep that bit of childhood lesson with you all your life?

Encircled with freedom and creativity

You cannot trap a fox because of its agility and alertness.
But, yes, because it is curious, it doesn't mind getting trapped in the midst of free butterflies and beautiful flowers. You see, this is one creature that observes and inspects every bit of its surrounding. And it wouldn't be wrong to say that it entertains itself all along!

The powerful fox spirit of the east

Eastern mythology, especially of China, Japan, and Korea, are full of the tales that speak of the fox spirit.
Known as 'Kitsune' in Japan, 'Kumiho' in Korea, and 'Huli Jing' in China, this animal is believed to be a powerful spirit associated with both protection and destruction.
It is believed that the power of this fox spirit can be determined from the number of its tail. Those with 9 tails are known to be the most powerful. While in Japanese culture, it has a noble side to it, in Korea and China, it is widely believed to be a seductress that mates with human, and in some cases, devours them.

The strokes of watercolor!

The thought behind this design comes from the fact that it takes many colors of nature to merge together and make this creature so versatile in its ways.
Watercolor tattoos are quite in vogue these days. With a background containing different watercolor strokes, and then coming together to form a fox, this design looks quite appealing in the way it is conceptualized!

Tribal fox tattoo design

The tribal versions of any theme bring us close to our roots, to nature.
The strokes, both bold and light, of this tattoo design depict the various facets that this animal has to it. The gaze seems as if it can see right through one's heart. And yes, a fox is very much capable of seeing not only through anyone's heart, but also his/her soul.

The cuteness of fox cubs

Fox cubs are symbolic of innocence and playfulness.
Their instinct to explore, experiment, and discover, makes them quite entertaining in their ways, and the sight is absolutely delightful to witness! This tattoo symbolizes the innocence of childhood, and the entertaining phase of learning through curiosity and mischief!
These 20 designs are just a tiny fragment of the many facets that this animal brings along. There are so many things, big and small, good and bad, that we all can learn from a fox.
Let's not just remember its sly and cunning nature, but also its ability to adapt and overcome hurdles. Inking a fox tattoo will invariably remind you that no hurdle is big enough, all we need is the curious mind of a fox, and a tad bit of cleverness to unlock the block.