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Friendship Tattoos for Girls

Naomi Sarah Mar 20, 2020
Some best friends and even sisters find it symbolic to have twin tattoos inked on each other. There are so many ways on how to translate art pieces into symbolic representations of your love and connection to one another.
There are many of us who get twin tattoos done with those we love or have connections with, as a way to hold on to that friendship for a long time to come. You can have music tattoos on your arms, wrists, or forearm.
The tattoos translate into 'stop, pause and play' icons that speak of a friendship that is still close-knit even eons later. Be it a group of four really close girlfriends or just two best friends wanting to seal the deal as being BFFs, these friendship tattoo ideas should be of help.

Matching Friendship Tattoos for Girls

You'll stumble upon some great ideas on how to get similar tattoos done on you and a friend/s. A word of caution here - be sure that this is what you truly want, since sadly some friendships turn bad at some point in time.
If you know deep down that yours is the kind that will last forever, with years of memories behind you to back up your convictions then by all means go ahead. A tattoo is a permanent imprint made on the skin, where covering up a tattoo entirely depends on if the work that needs to be concealed can be covered effectively.
Tattoo removal shouldn't be an option in your head, since it can leave ugly scarring and remnants from the tattoo you are trying to peel off at this stage. So before you dunk headlong into this decision, make sure this is what you truly want and then get the similar tattoos done.

Chinese Symbols

There are so many symbols that translate into different words like 'love', 'friendship', 'eternity' and so on. Do your research or go to a trusted tattoo artist who has the right translations for these words in Chinese, before inking this onto yourself.
The alphabets and words of this language are both complex and detailed where any kind of stylized font can be used. Even artwork like little flowers or shading enhancements can give the tattoo a whole new dimension.

Musical Notes with Birthday Dates

Have a musical arrangement of notes cascading over a music sheet, and towards the corner of the sheet, have your girlfriend's birthday date scrawled at the bottom and for her vice versa. You can place it strategically and really work out a great artwork piece here.
How about making the birthday date the main focus of the tattoo, with small musical notes around the numbers? You can have the notes floating about the date which can be done in a font of your choice.

Favorite Flowers

Every girl has that one favorite flower that she would love to be gifted or have placed at home. Have your favorite flowers inked, like your best friend's on you and yours on her - with initials of each other's names at the epicenter of the flower, or near one of its sides.


Yin and yang are the opposites of everything that exist in this universe. It is a creation of balance between elements, where one is not complete without the other. Yin and yang also represent strong energies that qualify as the male and female equivalents in terms of characteristics, where yet again one has to balance out the other in order to coexist.
You and a friend can decide to have one split half of the yin and yang, where she'd have yin say for instance, and you'd have yang. That way you two have the halves that make it complete when together.
And when apart you know that the pieces fit even miles away. You can also have the complete symbol done on both of you, and add more elements to make it a unique piece of artwork.

Day and Night

Sun and moon tattoo represent how one cannot exist without the other. Use other accents to bring out the artwork but keep the both same, The whole point of getting a friendship tattoo is to have the same work inked onto each other.
These friendship tattoos can be experimented with using a myriad of ways, where you can always go for elaborate art pieces or simple small ones to keep the symbolism short and sweet. Just be sure to do your research on foreign languages should you decide to have this kind of tattoo inked.