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Frog Tattoo Meaning and Design Ideas

Raksha Kulkarni
Nature has always been an inspiration in everything, including tattoos. People love to get inked with their favorite animal or plant designs. It is very common to see memorial tattoos for dogs and cats. But even animals like frogs are not far behind.
Frog tattoos carry a meaning and the designs are quite popular. This story will give you some frog tattoo designs and meanings.

Did you know that ...

Frogs molt? Yes, they do; once a week. Some may do it every day too. Another astonishing fact is that when the skin comes off, the frog may eat it.
The symbolism of frogs differs across cultures. But if you have thought of getting a frog tattoo, we are sure you think of them as cute little beings. These little wriggly creatures never stop astonishing us! Some frogs have a transparent skin, some have a deadly poison, and some can stop breathing in winter and resume in spring!
They bear a cultural significance too. There is an Egyptian frog deity 'Heket/Heqet' who is the fertility goddess and is responsible of the first breath of newborns. The native American tribes respect frogs and believe that they represent transformation.

A frog is regarded as a symbol of many things. Some of them include:

  • In Asia, they are regarded as symbols of good luck because they are related to water, a natural element.
  • In the Celtic culture, these are a symbol of healing. There is an old fairytale about it. Rebirth & resurrection is also symbolized by a frog.
  • Quite contrary to this, frogs are linked with witchcraft in medieval Europe. These are said to be a sign of evil.
The Meaning in a Nutshell
Truth | Change and Transformation | Luck | Rebirth and Renewal Peace and Tranquility | Fertility | Opportunity | Sensitivity | Cleansing and Healing |

Tattoo Designs

A frog tattoo could be designed with many variations. It could be in a tribal design or Celtic, or just a cute frog. Here, we have compiled some cute frog tattoo designs for you.

Bubbly Frog Eyes

Those round, sparkly frog eyes can make anyone fall for it! This round-shaped tattoo fits best on the arm where you get enough space to use creativity.
The frog will be watching over you (and, everyone else too!) and will give you the benefits of its symbolism.

Happy Frog

This happy frog tattoo on the foot will look great on anyone.
Keep hopping like that fellow, travel, change someone's life
(for better!), and in the process, transform yourself too.

Cool and Handsome!

This awesome frog tattoo is to show how awesome you are! Get inked with a handsome and sporty frog. That red hair and the surf is definitely eye-catching. The surf goes around the wrist which makes it look great.

Superman Frog

Yes it is a superman, so what if it's a frog? 
The frog is a symbol of opportunity and it's not possible that this super-frog will ever miss any. May this tattoo attract all good things to you! Such a cute one, we love it!

Memorial Frog Tattoo

This tattoo is for people who have had frogs as pets. 
It is a memorial tattoo where you can write about your beloved pet frog. The design shows that it is happy wherever it is, and you'll always remember it, whatsoever.

Mother-child Tattoo

Doesn't this tattoo make you go Awwwww
This tattoo shows the relation between a son/daughter and the mother. The love portrayed in this design will melt your heart. The placement is also important so we choose the collarbone, which is closer to the heart and enough for you to flaunt it!
Given below are some simple and cute frog designs which you can improve on and use.