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Guardian Angel Tattoos for Men

Would it not be nice to know, that there are angels looking over us? Guardian angel tattoos for men and women may perhaps be a reminder of this very hope...
Rohini Mohan
We all need something to believe in, when hope withers and despair seems to be creeping over our conscience. In times of crisis, when we begin to lose faith in ourselves we let go of our ego and seek help from God. We demand that we may be protected and saved, and that we be pardoned for the sins we have committed in this life.
Humans have believed in the divine presence of guardian angels since before antiquity and there have been instances where pious Christians have made claims of having interacted with their individual guardian being.
If that be the case, it would suffice to say that the angels come to those who truly seek them, and protect all those who need them. For those who haven't seen one but ardently believe in their existence, a simple gesture of faith can be to get inked with an angel tattoo.

Guardian Angel Tattoo Ideas

Brother in Arms

There have been many instances where soldiers have experienced the divine embrace of angels during war, these angels have helped them live and survive through impossible scenarios. To be able to live through bullet wounds which would have killed any other ordinary man, is proof enough that the hand of God was placed upon their shoulder, protecting them and steering them away from death.
Many members of the forces, have tattoos of angels with the wings flared out as they descend onto earth, while others have tattoos depicting a guardian angel standing behind a soldier as he struggles to get back on his feet. There are also some exceptionally detailed and big guardian angel tattoos for guys which show epic wars being fought by the righteous while a group of angels stand behind wielding arms supporting the cause of those courageous men.

The Lone Angel

Many men like getting the tattoo of a male angel spreading its hands with its wings spread open. This tattoo is always placed right under the neck in the middle of the spine. The angels head is always bowed. This tattoo design is very akin to the one worn by David Beckham.

The Righteous One

This tattoo design is among the popular ones, which depicts an arch angel standing victorious over an evil man, while the angel extends his sword towards the fallen soul. This tattoo signifies the victory of the righteous against evil.

Children of Heaven

Some rare guardian angel tattoos depict a female angel looking after a child or two children who are clinging to her garment for protection while she guides them to safety. Men who get this tattoo, do it in order to make a silent prayer that their children be safe from all harm and danger.

Wings on My Hands

There are men who like getting tattoos of wings on their forearms, which look like a pair of angel wings when both the forearms are brought together. Some get these wings tattooed on their entire back, which look like actual wings sprouting out of the back. There are many who get tattoos of the crucifix with angel wings extending from its sides.
There are several more guardian angel tattoos for men which are popular. Some are not elaborate and are in fact very simple, with a simple cross added with angel wings and dates which represent the birth and death of someone special in their lives.
While there are many tattoos which have been made with intricate depth and detailing. These tattoos are usually big and cover the entire back or the chest. Whichever may be the case guardian angel tattoos are very much in demand and are often requested for by both men and women.