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Are Homemade Ear Gauges Safe?

Sujata Iyer
If you're contemplating making ear gauges yourself to cut down on frequenting piercing parlors, first weigh for yourself how safe ear gauging at home really is.
The art of body piercing has reached whole new levels, with ear gauging becoming quite popular. Ear gauging is a process of gradually stretching the ear lobes, by using what are called tapers. These tapers are inserted in the pierced portion of the ear lobe, and it remains there until the desired width is reached.
There are various sizes that ear gauging is conducted in, and the process of stretching the ear lobes can take a lot of time, because the progression is done very methodically, size by size. But how safe is this process, especially when done at home? Let's find out.

Is Ear Gauging at Home Safe?

Like any other form of body art, ear gauging is best done either under the supervision of or by a professional himself. Amateurism can be dangerous and can lead to the given problems:


The first and the most obvious danger that can arise from carrying out ear gauging at home is infection. If you're making the gauges at home, you're most likely not making metal ones, which are the safest, as they can be sterilized before use. 
Using porous material like wood or clay can cause a threat of infection. These materials absorb moisture readily and hence can attract various bacterial infections. Apart from this, not taking good care of your ears after gauging them can also cause infection.


A professional will always vehemently discourage you from skipping sizes in ear gauges. When you're getting it done from a professional, he knows when your ear will be sufficiently stretched to move on to the next size. The sizes are pre-decided and may differ in mere millimeters, but can prove to be disastrous for your ears if miscalculated.
If you insert a gauge that is too large, too early, you run the risk of what is called a 'blowout'. This means your ear lobe is stretched beyond its capable limit. This can result in serious damage to your earlobe (read ear lobe tearing off) and/or a lot of scar tissue and excessive bleeding.
Getting your ears pierced is one thing, but stretching the ear holes is a process that is not only time-consuming, but also quite dangerous if not done properly. Hence, you most definitely visit a professional to get your ear gauges. An experienced hand reduces the amount of risk and also makes you more comfortable. Good luck and be safe.