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How to Make Temporary Tattoos

Tulika Nair Mar 20, 2020
Body art has become extremely popular in the past few years but if you are still unsure of whether you want something that permanent on your body, you can learn to make temporary tattoos with the help of the instructions given here.
From having a negative connotation where people just assumed that if you had a tattoo, then you were up to no good, to being one of the most popular means of accessorizing oneself, tattoos have come a long way.
But there are people who are wary of getting themselves inked for a number of reasons, ranging from the fear of needles to an uncertainty about the permanence of the body art. In such cases, an easy way out is to opt for temporary tattoos that look as good as more permanent forms of body art but are a lot less permanent and definitely not painful.

Making Temporary Tattoos

In order to make temporary tattoos, as with permanent tattoos, the first thing that you need to do is to decide on the design that you want. Other decisions that you will need to take include determining what size you want the tattoo to be and the colors that you want for the same.
You will have to make all these decisions depending on where you want the tattoo to be placed. Once you have made these basic decisions, you are on your way to create a temporary tattoo that looks real.
In order to create a stencil for your tattoo, you will need a publishing program on your computer, a color printer, and temporary tattoo paper. The tattoo paper is easily available at stationery shops. If you cannot find the same, you can place an order online. Once you have all the necessary materials, just follow the simple steps given here.
● Firstly choose the design that you want and open it on the publishing program. You can also scan an image that you have sketched and use it as a design for your tattoo.
● Now fix the dimensions of the image according to the size that you have decided on for your tattoo.
● The next step is to print out the design on what is known as temporary tattoo paper or water slide paper. This paper comes with adhesive paper. Print the design on the tattoo paper and allow the ink to dry completely. Once the image is dry, place the side that has the ink on it on the adhesive paper. Cut the paper as closely to the design as possible.
● Now comes the part of applying the tattoo to your skin. Shave the area where you want to place the tattoo. This is important as any hair on the body part will only make the tattoo seem fake and it will interfere with the process of tattoo application. Ensure that you shave the area properly and dry it completely.
● Now place the paper on your skin. Ensure that the image is facing downwards. Place a wet cloth on the backside of the paper. Now hold the cloth in place so that the temporary tattoo paper slides off easily while leaving the image behind. Once you are sure that the paper is completely wet, start pulling it away from the skin.
● It is also important that you allow the area to dry completely. After it is dry, you can choose to apply translucent powder on the image to take off the shine that makes it seem fake. Do not use powder that has any glitter in it as that may mess up the tattoo.
Another option that you can use to make temporary tattoos is to create handmade stencils and then use body paint, henna, or even nail polish to fill it in. You may need someone's help in order to fix the stencil on your body.
Getting a tattoo of a temporary nature may be one of the best ways to try out body art without the pain or the permanency that comes along with it.