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15 Lace Tattoos For The Woman In You

Payal Kanjwani
Exceeding the boundaries of fashion, lace has not just stepped in, but is making a killing in the tattoo world as well. It has become a source of inspiration for women wanting to express their femininity and sensuality through ink! If you belong to the same lot, we've got you some tantalizing lace tattoo designs in this story.
When I don't know what to wear, I wear black lace.
― Carine Roitfeld
This is the thing with lace! Women love adorning their skin with this openwork fabric, men love seeing women wearing them. Be it wedding dresses or women ensembles, the threads of lace are gently weaved in tradition and femininity.
Historically speaking, lace garments were considered as a token of luxury and sensuality. Its delicate patterns and rich textures create a magic of their own.

This vintage-era fabric has made its way to the modern fashion, shyly progressing to the tattoo art. 
It's not just the obsession for lace, but the intricate patterns and enriched versatility have given lace an entry into the mainstream tattoo designs. Depicting timeless beauty, lace tattoos require beautiful line work and delicate patterns.
Remember what they say: the finer the lace, the more aesthetically pleasing it seems, and hence, the more feminine it appears! Also, do make it a point to study the tattoo artist's portfolio before getting a lace art done, since these designs are pretty detailed and call for a steady, creative hand.
Well, the black-work tattoos are very popular when it comes to lace; however, you can even go for a white-ink tat. Just be cautious about the shades and your skin tone. To create an illusion of real lace, the shade of ink should be a tone lighter (white inks) or darker (for black inks).
We have got you some seductive tattoo patterns; check them out, you never know, you'll find the one to inspire you.
*All the designs presented in this post have the line work done in shades of black ink. But these tattoos can be very well done with the white ink as well.

Lacing the Shoulder...

Make your lace tattoo a part of your dress by getting it inked around your collarbone, on your shoulder or the sleeve. But the only way to flaunt such tats is by wearing off-shoulder tops and dresses. Nevertheless, the designs and the final output is totally worth it!
How modishly the tattoo has been designed to seem like a sleeve strap, an extension to the dress. The placement and the pattern of the lacy fabric just seem right with the dress and the skin tone.
This ornamental tattoo has lace elements that add to the glory. Since the design is elaborate, getting it on the shoulder is the right decision. You can have a similar design on your ankle, representing an anklet, just with finer details.

Gracing the Neck & Nape...

Jewelry-inspired tattoos are on the go! Embed style into your body with vintage-styled necklace tattoos. Placed just below your neck, or falling onto your upper chest, wear a timeless piece of jewelry forever with this webby necklace design! And guess what, no more worrying about purchasing heavy neckpieces.
Heart is an element that can be infused into any genre of tattoos. This lacy heart on her nape, evidently shows her adoration for lace!
Wings of a dragonfly naturally have a lacy texture. Hats off to the creator of this tattoo for infusing lace in this manner. Symbolizing purity and peace, a dragonfly is a popular choice of tattoo among women, plus the elegance of lace makes it all the more charming!

Embellishing the Hands ...

Doesn't this remind you of the vintage era? Lacy umbrellas, gloves, footwear, women in the Victorian times (and even now) celebrated femininity by adorning lace to anything they carried. This tattoo is a perfect example for that. The lacy details in the umbrella make it effortlessly elegant!
A turtle signifies wellness and harmony, and it can be a nice option for women looking for unique yet meaningful designs. Here, contrasting elements have been combined―the strength of the hard shell and the tenderness of the flower. The amazing shading done in the inner rose is complementing well with the lacy turtle shell.
Another popular choice for hands is a bracelet lace tattoo.

Moving on to the Waist ...

Want something flashy and offbeat? Go in for 3D tattoos. The optical illusion of butterflies created here, by the shading, has taken the tattoo to another level. Talking about the placement of lacy butterfly on the waist, we say, eroticism level: high!

Adorning the thighs with 'the forever garter' ...

Of course, we have garter lace tattoo designs, as it is the most popular fabric for garter. You can have a lot of variation with the garter belt, depending on its thickness and the texture you'd like to own―frilly, netting or lacy. Gun and lace is an intemperate option; garters can be accentuated with knives, tattoo machine, fun pistols, ribbons and bows. To your surprise, even the texture of satin ribbons can be obtained and blended with this.
Like it? You're definitely into lacy lingerie. *winks* This makes a great choice for secret tattoos as they can be easily hidden under shirts. Oh, you wanna flaunt it? Things seem getting lusty!

Some lace for the legs as well ...

The thing that makes this dangling lace tattoo stand out from the others is its placement. It is not being placed on the ankle! Ahh, the lace work and dangles, gorgeously designed! What do you say about it?
Lace and rose, an unbeatable combo! This floral tattoo design has different elements in it. Ladies, what are you waiting for, when (i) we love roses and (ii) we love lace!
How could we miss out on ribbons and bows when talking of lace? This lovely tattoo is for girly girls. Beautifully adorned on your ankle, rock it with pump heels or stilettos. Cuteness with grace!
Our say: No hesitations. No second thoughts. Unveil your sexy side with a lace tattoo!