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9 Literary Tattoos Inspired by Amazing Books

Renuka Savant Mar 12, 2020
A tattoo is an excellent medium which can be put to brilliant use to showcase your love of the written word. In this story, we've lined up some impressive literary tattoo designs to honor your inner bookworm.
"Books are the quietest and most constant of friends; they are the most accessible and wisest of counselors, and the most patient of teachers."
― Charles William Eliot
Well, how about that? No one could have put it better, and as a book lover, you just can't help admire the simplicity and veracity of this quote. To those who love to read, books are so much more than companions on a journey―sometimes they speak to us in a manner that soulmates would.
Getting inked would be a subtle and personal way to honor our constant companions. And if you're looking for some worthy inspiration, we're giving it to you right here.

Literary Tattoos Inspired by Amazing Books

It's stating the obvious, when we say that everyone has his own list/choice of literary references to base their tattoos on. But what we aim to do here is to provide inspiration in the form of designs, font ideas, and placement. Behold and enjoy.

When you wish to hail the King

We will be eternally grateful to C. S. Lewis for letting us escape the mundane existence of our childhood, into the magical land of Narnia along with the Pevensie children. And, it doesn't matter if you identify with its Christian allegory or not, Aslan has always been an enduring symbol of hope.

When you wish to revel in the romance

In my humble opinion, no one captures the pain and raw eroticism of romance quite as well as a certain Mr. Neruda. His poems have an almost ethereal quality to them, touching upon the simple and everyday manifestations of love―in typical Pablo Neruda-style, of course.

When you wish to channel your inner Daenerys

Queen Daenerys of House Targaryen needs no introduction as an uber-cool feminist icon. Ruthless, determined, and yet sympathetic, she even has the slightest hint of the Targaryen madness in her.

When you wish to capture your childhood in an inking

We all have that one childhood favorite which can be read over and over again. The Velveteen Rabbit by Margery Williams happens to be one such gem.

When you wish to remain positive and hopeful for life

There's a good reason why Roald Dahl's books were found to be disturbing by some. He was among the few writers who chose to realistically portray children, with all their quirks and innocent nonchalance. Years later, his words resonate with a certified ring of truth and honesty.

When you wish to honor the written word

Certain lines or verses manage to leave an everlasting impact on our heart and mind. It could be a line from a poem, or a dialog from a novel; it just seems to 'speak' to us in a manner beyond explanation. If this seems all to familiar, all you need to do is honor those lines by getting them inked. How about this beautiful line by Edgar Allan Poe?

When you wish to inflict minimal pain upon yourself

If you happen to be testing the expansive waters of body art, and if needles make you nervous, you can always start small.
Small tattoos are stunning in their own right, and there are various ideas you can apply to get the design of your choice. Choose from inking your favorite book's title, or even a short quote―we've picked this cool line by none other than the inimitable Ogden Nash.
These are some of the best literary tattoo quotes that one could get inked. And if you happen to be a Potterhead, find some amazing Harry Potter-inspired tattoo ideas right here. Happy inking!