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Lotus Flower Tattoo Designs: Significance and Ideas

Ketki Dongare Mar 21, 2020
The growth of a divine beauty, rising above the water bed, amidst all the dirt is poetic in itself. Lotus Flower Tattoos signify spiritual enlightenment of soul, purity, and self-awareness.

Lotus Flower Tattoos: What Do They Symbolize


A floating lotus, rooted in muddy waters, senses of purity and uproots attachment and desire.

Spiritual Enlightenment

The unfurling of lotus petals, opening to the world signifies human soul expanding or reaching to a spiritual state of mind.

Interpretation In Ancient Times and In Different Religions


Associated with many gods and goddesses of the Hindu religion, a lotus flower tattoo on your wrist or back signifies divine beauty, purity, and expansion of the soul.


Known as the 'Flower of Buddha', a white lotus signifies purity of a soul born in the world of struggle. A white lotus with the face of Buddha, is an enticing tattoo design.

Ancient Egypt

A simple tattoo of a lotus flower with an Egyptian god or goddess, depicts the art representation of the Sun, as the creator of life, according to the ancient Egyptian history.

Ideas for Lotus Flower Tattoo Designs

The infamously famous “Cersei Lannister”, that is Lena Headey has a sizable, vibrant red-colored lotus on her upper back. Other celebrities with inked lotus are, Asia Argento, Christel Khalil, Julia Michaels and Malin Akerman.
Beautify your wrists and ankles with petite and intricate Lotus Flower tattoo designs. Dotted silhouettes or outlined lotus designs have a charming elegance!

Amalgamation of Words and Pictures!

A simple life quote with a colorful lotus on the forearm symbolizes your personality.

Minimal Yet Compelling!

Simple lotus tattoo with a tinge of black and white color inked on the hand, fingers, or on the nape looks classy and does the magical trick.

Colorful Combinations!

Get creative with trending watercolor tattoos. Ink a colorful lotus tattoo either on the lower back or on the shoulder.