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Matching Tattoos for Best Friends

Shalu Bhatti
Each and every tattoo on our body signifies a meaning. It is a symbol of something that we believe in and stand by, like our best friends? The experience of getting matching tattoos for best friends is simply momentous. Let's go through the things that you need to keep in mind before finally taking the step, and some tips that might strike the fabulous idea in your mind that you were looking for until now!
Not everyone in this world is as lucky as you to have a best friend worth getting a tattoo for! We always tend to think twice before getting a tattoo because they are permanent, right? For tattoos specially dedicated to a person in our life, we first need to be sure if he / she will always be there.
Relationships like mother, father, sister, brother, son, daughter, etc., will always be there no matter what, but when it comes to best friends, think properly, because people tend to change with time, and you need to be 100% confident that your best friend won't! There are many different ways that you can consider to get a matching tattoo with your friend.
Although, it doesn't necessarily mean that you should have an identically twin tattoo. There is no harm in getting one, if you want to, but there are some people who prefer tattoos matching in such a manner that they complement each other, and are not identically the same. This is because everyone has their own individual personality and identity.
Even twins are not exactly the same, there is always a difference! Just decide which 'people category' you fall into and then decide what you want to go for! Whenever you decide a tattoo design, choose a theme which connects to you and your best friend personally, and which means something really deep for the two of you.

Points to be Kept in Mind for Choosing a Matching Tattoo Design

Here are some tips on selecting the perfect matching tattoo design for you and your best friend, which can help you get the most amazing idea for inking your body with a beautiful work of art..., a work of art that shares not only the design, but also the creativity resulting from your beautiful and unconditional friendship.

What Do You Do When You Are Together?

An example for matching best friend tattoos is to ink something which is very dear to the both of you, or something that you guys do together all the time.
For example, if you and your best friend do a lot of jamming sessions together, you can go for inking your favorite instruments, or you can ink your best friend's favorite instrument on you, and your best friend can ink your favorite one.
To add to this you can also ink the musical notes of your best friend's favorite song, and he / she can do the same by inking the musical notes of your favorite song.
If you both like the same instrument and the same song, but don't want the tattoo to be exactly similar, you can use different colors in your tattoo to give it a different look... friendship any which way adds color to your life, doesn't it?

Ink the Feel of the Friendship You Share

If the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of you and your friend together is freedom to be what you are, then you can go for butterfly and flower tattoos. If you are a guy, you can go for something masculine like getting a fearless dragon tattoo, or something which represents your sense of freedom and belonging with your best friend.
If your best friend makes you feel safe and secure, then you can always ink a seashell with a pearl bearing the name of your best friend. It would be better if you symbolize the shell as your best friend and the pearl as you. So think, how do you feel when you are with your best friend? Safe, free, happy, inspired..., think before you ink!

Celtic Tattoos

Celtic Tattoos are among the most popular tattoo patterns today. You can try the Celtic eternity knot that could be inked using any Celtic knot design patterns. The amazing thing about Celtic knot patterns is that they don't have any beginning and neither do they have an end.
The pattern can be like your friendship which will be for there for eternity..., hopefully! To add to it, you can also split the tattoo, as in, make half of the tattoo on you and the rest of the part on your best friend in such a way that when both are joined together, they complete each other.

Puzzle Design Tattoos

Puzzle pieces are another option a lot of people consider when they think of matching tattoos. It's like they draw a piece of puzzle on each other symbolizing that what they have is incomplete and meaningless without the other.

Friendship Symbols

Many friends also opt for tattooing a yellow rose, or a turtle dove, as they symbolize friendship. But I would suggest to make your tattoo something unique and something personally special if you don't want your tattoo to be seen as something 'common'. A friendship symbol needn't be labeled and universally accepted.

Different Scripts

Chinese and Japanese tattoos are also very much in trend. Many people go for inking their best friend's name in these scripts, not only because it's unique, but also because in case the friendship doesn't last, they can always cover it up or tell people that it means something else. Even yin and yang tattoos are an option that you can consider!
These tattoos symbolize the existence of two opposite natures, together in a way that none is complete without the other. You can also ink yours and your best friend's Chinese zodiac in a yin and yang way. For example, if your Chinese zodiac is a dragon and your best friend's is a tiger, you can ink it in a yin yang style.
So, if you and your friend have completely opposite nature but still complement each other, this idea can be considered. In fact, getting a tattoo in Indian scripts is also a good option. David Beckham has inked his wife's name in Hindi which is the national language of India.

Portrait Tattoos

If your best friend means the world to you, then you might also go for inking a picture of you and your friend at the same area. May be on your shoulders or arms.
But be very careful in choosing the tattoo artist as portrait tattoos should be done by experts or else your friend may end up looking like your aunt! You can go through the tattooing tips article to make sure what all factors need to be taken care of apart from just selecting the tattoo design.

Flexibility is Important!

I do believe that friendship stays forever, but, you never know what the future holds! So when you pick a tattoo design, go for something that can be covered up or changed to something else, in case you guys tend to go separate ways, which I pray should never happen.

Pair Tattoos

You can also go for tattooing famous pairs like Tom and Jerry! The one among you two who relates to Tom can get Tom inked on you, and the one who relates to Jerry can go for Jerry! Again, if things go wrong in future (God forbid) you won't end up regretting it because they are your favorite cartoon characters anyway!
So, I suggest to always go for those best friend matching tattoos which won't be a 'prick in your eye' if things don't stay the same way as they are now.
Matching best friend tattoo, as I have already mentioned earlier, is a very special way to strengthen the connection that you already have with your best friend. And when you get your own matching tattoos, it will give you a feeling of possessing a piece of each other, that no one will, and no one can ever take away!