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Mexican Flag Tattoos

Bhakti Satalkar
Mexican tattoos form an important part of the Mexican culture. Of the various designs, these are a favorite with tattoo freaks. The following passages elucidate more information on the same.
Mexican tattoos are said to be a part of the Hispanic or Aztec tattoos. In them, gang or prison related designs are a favorite. There are some mafia ones, like an eagle with a snake in its mouth, a black hand, or just the lettering MM, which stands for Mafia Mexicana, which have ruled the Mexican tattoo world.
Of the latest entrant and yet a hit are the flag designs taking inspiration from the Mexican flag. Let us read about Aztec ones before we dwell into the Mexican flag tattoo ideas.

Aztec Tattoos

Aztec tattoos originated in the Aztec civilization, around the 14th century, when Mexico was a part of the Aztec civilization. The designs used in aztec tattoos are different from other civilization ones because tattoos were considered heavenly and sacred by the Aztec people. Men, women, and even children wore them to show their belief and devotion to God.
There were some designs which were used to differentiate between two tribes. The tattoos were also used to know the status of the person, his rank in the military, as well as his accomplishments. Among the common designs are Aztec sun, Aztec eagle, etc.
In the Aztec calendar, each day of the month is represented by a different creature. The eagle used in the Mexican flag is chosen from the Aztec calendar.

History of Mexican Flag

This flag was created in the year 1821. President Benito Juarez changed the official meaning attached to each of the colors. Flag day is celebrated on Feb 24. There are three colors in this flag, namely green, white, and red, and there is also an eagle symbol on it.
The green color signified independence from Spain. Lately, it also represents hope. The white color stands for purity of the Mexican faith in Catholicism. White now also represents hope. The red color in it represents unity and spilled blood. The eagle with a snake in its mouth on the flag recognizes the Aztec heritage of Mexico.
The eagle is sitting on the branch of a cactus plant. It actually describes a legend, that the Mexican people were guided by Huitzilopochtli to seek a place where an eagle has landed on a prickly cactus, holding a snake in its mouth.
The place is said to be where current day Mexico city stands. The eagle was first used in the year 1823, and the specialty of the eagle is that, it is distinctly Mexican and bears no resemblance to the Spanish colonizers.

Mexican Flag Tattoo Designs

They want to honor their heritage and also take pride in their culture. You can choose different patterns, with this we mean you can choose other tattoo designs to go with the Mexican flag. They are seen as pride tattoos. This is due to the fact that a lot of Mexicans work in the United States, away from the country of their origin.
You may want to change the color scheme of the eagle to give it a unique look as compared to other Mexican flag tattoos. Always go for a temporary design first to see how the flag design goes with the other tattoo designs. This design can be inked on the chest, forearm, upper arm, as well as the back.
If you want to get the flag tattoos done, you can also talk to your tattoo artist so that he will be able to give you the latest ideas. Once you get it made, you will have to take appropriate care of it in order to prevent any infection and also so that it lasts longer.