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Military Tattoos

Aparna Jadhav Mar 20, 2020
Having military tattoos is not just limited to the military; you too can get them too, as they look perfect on well built bodies. Read on to find some interesting ideas.
Most men and women who belong to the military have tattoos on their forearms, sleeves, backs, hips, which they very proudly flaunt as they are often designs that relate to their profession.
However, commonly misunderstood, military tattoos don't mean that only those who serve in the forces can get them. They are simply referred to the designs which are inspired from the army, marines, and air force.
There are a number of symbols, emblems, lettering, signs, and other related illustrations which can be used as a strong significance for the military while getting the tattoo, and they can be personalized in as per your wishes. To give you the liberty to choose, we have some interesting and cool designs mentioned here.

Tattoo Ideas to Choose From

As all of us are aware of, there are three main categories in the military all across the world; the army, navy (marines), and the air force. Each of them have their own individual emblems, symbols, and mottoes which they are popular for.
When we talk about getting a tattoo, we often think of choosing something that we cherish and which will stay with us for all our lives. There are many unique tattoos for men and women, these tattoos being one such design.
Therefore, if you are a patriotic person, belong to the military, or a common man, you can definitely use them as your tattoos and personalize them accordingly.

Army Tattoos

The standard color of the army is olive green. 
However, there are some major differences in the symbols and flags of many countries. There are many of these illustrations which symbolize the US army and therefore, they are used as designs by people who find them attractive. You can add as many colors as you want, or get them in a single color, depending on the design.
Women can choose to combine designs like stars, butterflies, to make them feminine. To name a few basic designs which hold very strong significance in the Army are medals and awards, The US flag, dog tags, unit patches, hand grenades, outlines of soldiers, guns, soldier helmet with gun, The Eagle, the US army emblem, etc.

Marine or Navy Tattoos

The military services that guard the shores are the marines and the navy.
The color used for this service is white, and there are many symbols used here as well. Since the navy of every country operates on ships that sail and are stationed in the deep seas, the main symbols of the navy are anchors, navy vessels, submarines, and lighthouses.
Anchor tattoos for girls and boys are very popular, and look very attractive when made on the sleeves, hips, shoulder blades and lower backs. The anchor is present on the US navy emblem, so can be used as tattoos for both women and men. The naughty expressions of Sailor Jerry tattoos are also a huge hit among boys!

Air Force Tattoos

The color of the air force is blue. As this service guards a nation's skies, it is symbolized by eagle wings.
Therefore, the most important designs included in these tattoos are the eagle wings, the pilot's wings, fighter planes, and unit patches. They can be used as design ideas for girls too, since wings don't exactly stand for "macho" images! However, personalizing these tattoos can definitely be a priority here as well.
With these great ideas for tattoos, surely you can't wait to get yourself one of these! Well, it is surely an honor to have these symbols of bravery and strength inked on you, so go ahead and pick your favorites.