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Monroe Piercing Jewelry

Monroe piercing, named after Marilyn Monroe is hardly painful and there are different types of piercing jewellery available to you.
Tulika Nair
While many may wonder, why a piercing is named after a famous celeb, the reason is well there for all to see. Monroe piercing allows the wearer to resemble Marilyn Monroe by getting a body piercing right above the upper lip on the left side, exactly where the famous celeb has a beauty spot.
Adorning piercings with jewelry like, diamond studs and even black jewels allow them to pay homage to their favorite celeb in a tiny way. It may not be as evident as the Monroe tattoo that Megan Fox sports, but it is a tribute nonetheless.
There are different types of these facial piercings. If you get the same piercing on the right side above the upper lip, it is known as Madonna or Crawford piercing. This piercing can be decorated with many different kinds of jewelry, read ahead to know more.

Jewelry for Monroe Piercing

The best options for these piercings are studs, especially diamond jewelry, which have the glimmering quality that makes the piercing extremely attractive. There are also people, who prefer to wear a black stud, so that the piercing looks exactly like the beauty mark of Marilyn Monroe.
Most people with this piercing, favor jewelry that has a metal ball or a jewel at the end that is visible. These studs are the most comfortable piece of jewelry available to wear, as they have a flat plate at the inner end. In case, your stud starts to hurt you or begins brushing against your gum or teeth, then it is important to change the stud immediately.
In such a situation, it is advisable that you wear a stud made of silicon-based material that will allow you comfort like never before. These studs have a rod that is made of silicon, that just needs to be pushed in, and it snap fits the piercing.
While this option may increase your cost, it is extremely comfortable and recommended by several dental associations, because they ensure not to damage your gums or teeth like other studs and jewelry made from steel or titanium.
Have you been searching for sizes for tiny pieces of jewelry that will help you camouflage the piercing when you are at work? Well, Monroe piercing retainers are life-savers in such a circumstance. All you need to do is, visit a hospital or a dentist, and they will help you make your piercing look less conspicuous.
If you want your jewelry to look more individualistic, you can choose to add accessories to your studs, which will customize your jewelry for you. If you get the same piercing on both sides of the lip, then it is known as Angel bites or Double Madonna, which allows you to wear jewelry on both piercings.
One of the most important things that you should keep in mind, is to avoid buying fake jewelry made of cheap metals, as they may not be very safe. After you get your piercing, you may experience some swelling and there may be chances of infection. It is important that you go to a professional of repute to get your piercing done.
Try to go to someone, who has been recommended to you by a friend or acquaintance. Some people advise wearing plastic jewelry, as it does not rub against the gums and teeth, like other metals. Healing time for piercings above the upper lip is generally around 8-12 weeks. If it takes longer, then do consult a doctor.
While it may seem like it is very painful, the fact is that, this type of piercing is the least painful of all piercings due to the less number of nerves in the area. So, if you like the idea of decorating your upper lip with piercing, then go ahead and get a Monroe piercing and flaunt your latest body accessory.