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Motherhood Tattoos

Niharika Arya Mar 20, 2020
To express their love and attachment towards their baby, nowadays lots of mothers are getting motherhood tattoos. Let's find out various ideas and meaning behind these tattoos.
"The only thing that seems eternal and natural in motherhood is ambivalence"

Jane Lazarre has very beautifully revealed the emotions of motherhood through this quote. Emotions attached between a mother and her child cannot be explained in words. It is said that a woman is incomplete till she becomes a mother. Hence, motherhood is something to be proud of.
Many women go through the pricks and pains of the needle to get a tattoo. They are advised not to get tattoos during pregnancy.
Hence, they get the tattoos after they deliver the baby. These tattoos become an inseparable part of their body and can remind them of this eternal feeling all the time. So, let's move further and explore some motherhood tattoo ideas with their meaning.

Motherhood Tattoo Designs

The main purpose of these tattoos is to display the unbreakable bond between the mother and child. This can be reflected in many ways. Here are some designs and ideas which are very commonly used in order to show and celebrate this unbreakable bond.

Celtic Motherhood Tattoo

This is one of the most preferred type of motherhood tattoo. These symbols are from the Iron Age and have a cultural significance. There are many different designs under this, but the most loved ones are the symbols that have endless knots.
These knots signify a strong unbreakable bond between the mother and the baby. Apart from this, there are many other designs too which are loved by people.


Getting a portrait of the baby is the second most common choice of the people. Just plain portrait, or decorated with flowers or stars, colorful or black and white, everything will look adorable when you will have your baby's smile tattooed on your body.


Two hearts entangled with each other, or one heart weaved into other can make a perfect bonding of the heart. A small heart with your kid's name will show your love towards your kid. A heart with a ribbon with his name and his date of birth can also work well.


Flowers can be the best representation of your sweet kids. There are many flowers and each flower has a different meaning and representation. You just need to find out the flower which suits your kid's behavior and can get it tattooed. You can also use flowers in combination with the other tattoos.


Getting your kids name as a tattoo is a direct way of expressing your love. You can also have his date of birth with the name. You can either get it with graphics, or you can have it in a heart or star or with a combination of any other motherhood tattoo. Getting his name with his sun sign will also look amazing.

Symbolic Representation

Symbolic representation of a mother and child can make a great design for a tattoo. You can also have a picture of small baby or a cute representation of your kid in the tattoo. These tattoos are easy to understand. They are the perfect choice if you want to have a big tattoo. If it's a girl child you can also get a tattoo of a cute angel.


If you can express your love and affection in words, then you can go for a sweet quote. If you are a poet, or a good writer, then this will not be a tough job for you. Just find out a nice quote and get it tattooed wherever you want to.


You can have footprints of your kid tattooed. Small footprints with his/her name written in the center will be a sweet memory to keep. These tattoos are considered to be cute and adorable.


A star near you heart with your kid's name can also be a perfect idea of making your baby's birth perfect. You can also get small stars near a motherhood tattoo in order to make it attractive.
Though motherhood tattoos represent the love of mother and child, nowadays many fathers also go for tattoos dedicated to their kids. The increasing popularity and fashion of tattoos has resulted in setting the trend for such tattoos. But it's really an emotional way of showing love and affection towards your kid.