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Name Tattoos on Wrist

Girija Shinde Mar 9, 2020
Today, getting a name tattoo on the wrist is more popular than ever before. If you too are planning to get one, remember that there are numerous design as well as script styles to choose from. You can even customize your own design.
In today's day and age, tattoos are used to enhance one's personality. The human body is used as a canvas to express one's feelings, thoughts, and desires. Inking the name of someone special has been practiced by humans for centuries.
Since the past few years, name tattoos are finding renewed popularity across all age groups. There are variety of name tattoo designs that can be used or modified to suit your individual preferences. Since you are looking for designs, we can safely assume that you too want one on your wrist.

Hence, before we get to the actual designs, let's take a quick look at the things you need to know, and decide before you get a name tattoo on your wrist.

Important Points to Remember

Placement: Inner wrist, outer wrist, or both
Ink Color: Black, colored, or white
Language: Mandarin, Kanji, Hebrew, Latin, Arabic, Greek, Sanskrit, and English
Celebrity Inspiration: Adele, Katy Perry, and Jessica Alba
Pain-O-Meter: Can be painful (7/10)

Whose Name is it Going to Be?

Think twice prior to getting inked, whatever the name. Get a tattoo done only when you are 100% sure, not because your friends say so and you want to fit in.
Name tattoos are a constant reminder that you will carry with you throughout your life. A safe bet would be your child or parent's name. A spouse or partner's name is also fine, if you are confident that your relationship will last forever. You wouldn't want to rush for a tattoo removal if the relationship goes downhill.

Choose Designs Carefully

Take inspiration from songwriter and singer Adele, who got her mother's name inked on her left wrist, as a wonderful reminder and a tribute.
The space or the canvas for a wrist tattoo is obviously limited, so choose a small design and check with the tattoo artist, if your name fits on your wrist. If it is too lengthy, you can get your initials etched or ink your name vertically.

Popular Tattoo Design Ideas

Now that you have finally decided on the name, decide the lettering style, color, ambigram designs, etc.
If you are getting a tattoo for the first time, make sure you consult a professional tattoo artist beforehand, to understand the procedure and follow the aftercare instructions thoroughly. Let us now take a look at some of the most interesting and popular tattoo ideas.

Different Fonts and Styles

Other than English, there are many scripts in which you can ink the name of your choice. The most popular tattoo lettering scripts are Chinese(Han), Kanji (Japanese), Arabic, and Hebrew.
But remember, when you get a visible tattoo inked in a foreign language, be ready to answer questions by people you know, or curious strangers you randomly meet at a bus stop or in a lift. If you prefer avoiding such interactions, rethink what and where you want to place your tattoo.
You can also opt for different fonts, style, funky designs, or an extra-large font. There are many websites, like 'Deviantart', 'Pinterest', 'Bullseyetattoos', 'Tattoolettering', etc., that provide creative ideas to make a simple name tattoo look more appealing and beautiful. Take a print of your choice, show it to your professional tattoo artist, and ask him to sketch it in that particular script. If you like it, only then get it done!

Heart Tattoos With Name

A very popular and common design is a heart tattoo with a name on it. There are dozens of heart designs available today.
You can opt for a heart with wings and name or initials inside it. You can also use your creativity by showing one half of the heart with your partner's name or initials in it, and the other half will obviously be on your partner's wrist with your name or initials etched on it.
You can also ink the heart tattoo in your loved one's handwriting or including a special date or number.

Floral Tattoos With Name

A floral design is a good option, if you do not want a plain name tattoo. As space is limited, opt for a small flower design that can include your desired name.
A delicate flower border or vines surrounding your tattoo is a good option.
Another option is to go for a bracelet tattoo and get the name or initials etched inside the flower. You could also ask the tattoo artist to blend in the names to form and look like a flower.

Points to Remember

~ Think, contemplate, and be absolutely sure about the name you intend to ink on your wrist. There is no point in going for expensive laser removal in case of regret.
~ Consult your tattoo artist well-in-advance and ask him/her all sorts of questions or doubts regarding aftercare and pain experienced.
~ Ensure that you give the tattoo artist the correct spelling or date that is to be inked, especially if you intend to ink an unusual name.
~ Make sure that the artist is using fresh needles, and adheres to the required hygiene and safety procedures.
~ Do not pick, rub or scratch your freshly-inked tattoo. Avoid infections by taking proper care of your tattoo.

So with all these unique tattoo designs at your hand, you can now confidently get a name tattoo on your wrist. Finally, here's a quote by Vince Hemingson that aptly sums it up -
"A great tattoo is a statement, not a style. And getting it is a journey, not a destination.". Therefore, enjoy and have a wonderful tattoo journey.