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Navy Tattoo Design Ideas

This story helps those in search of some design ideas for navy tattoos and it also provides some information about what they mean, in order to choose the best one for themselves.
Navy tattoos have a history to them which has come down a long way.
As it is said, the United States Navy has the longest and the richest military tattoo tradition with the anchor symbol being one of the most easily recognizable ones in the world. This history dates back to the early 1900's when the sailors would often get these anchors tattooed on them.
This began when they went for voyages that took them around the world and they saw that the art of tattooing is well-known everywhere. That's when they began to create tattoos that represented who they were as a group.
They are still made by sailors for the same reasons, while others get it to look cool. There are many designs that are associated with them and are very attractive for both men and women.
There are several navy tattoos with their meanings, preferred by either sailors or people who are strong patriots. Back in the old days, they said that for sailors to cross a particular sea, they had to get a sparrow tattoo made on their bodies. Thus, the seamen who traveled for more than 5,000 miles would earn the same and that's why they call these, swallows. Here are some design that one can consider.

Emblem Tattoos

One of the most well-known is the U.S. Navy emblem, which consists of an anchor held by a hawk. This symbol stands for bravery, valor, and sacrifice which the Naval officers and sailors promise to show when they join the Navy. Even though this is of great significance to the sailors more than the common man, many people like to opt for these patterns.
Moreover, they look very stylish when inked on your arm or the back. Another emblem design is a girl sitting on the Navy anchor dressed in sailor clothes. This is one of the favorites of many seamen, and is also suggested by many tattooers, since it looks naughty yet cute.
When we talk about the ocean and the sea, anchors have to be a part of it.
Anchor Tattoos
It is what stabilizes the ship even in the middle of the sea and helps it hold ground. Anchors stand for strength and solidity, and thus, they are preferred. They look very rough and masculine, but are also trendy depending on the patterns.

Ship Tattoos

Ships are the most famous patterns because they are true works of body art and are beautifully colored. A ship in the midst of a storm, a wrecking ship which is sinking in the water, or any other ship designs can be inked. They are preferred and opted for by men all over the world in some form or the other.
The ocean is often compared to the life of a human being and a ship is said to be the soul. Thus, people who are spiritual and believe in super natural powers also get these made on themselves.
There are many areas on the body where you can get them inked. You can have ships made on the lower back, as well as tiny designs for the ankle. For other places like wrists, you could use the anchor or the navy emblem. The back and the arm are also great places to get life-size navy tattoos, made with other combination of patterns.
Considering the aforementioned ideas might prove useful, in order to select the right one for you. Moreover, you can even come up with your own unique ideas and try out new patterns.

 Aparna Jadhav

Priscilla Du Preez, Miguel Constantin Montes