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Neck Tattoos for Girls

Pushpa Duddukuri
Tattoos are the in thing these days, especially neck tattoos for girls! They have caught the fancy of women around the world. With hair down on the shoulder, it plays peekaboo and according to your whims and fancies, you can always hide it too. They are often small as well as cute, compelling people to have a second glance.
Pretty and enchanting, grand and fashionable, tattoos make a lasting impression on the mind. There are different areas of your body where a tattoo would look good. Arm is one of the most popular sites to get a tattoo. Also, shoulder, ankle, hip and stomach are some of the other areas where a tattoo looks good.
But if you can dare to do something different, I suggest you go for neck tattoos. Tattoos on the front part as well as on the nape of the neck are more popular among women. These may run a risk more than other tattoos, because the skin of our neck is quite sensitive and may cause a great deal of pain.

Flower Tattoo

Flower tattoo designs attract the feminine kind a lot and hence, are a popular choice. Across cultures, flowers are considered to be the symbol of love, purity, innocence and vitality. A floral tattoo signifies the same. Among flowers, rose tattoos make pretty neck tattoos.
Having a 'thorn with the rose' tattoo stands for beauty and pain and also for love as well as sacrifice. Magnolia, lotus, jasmine and sunflower are a few flowers which you can choose as your tattoo designs.

Butterfly Tattoo

A caterpillar transforms into a butterfly through metamorphosis. Hence, a butterfly tattoo signifies the concept of rebirth. It also denotes femininity and elegance. A little butterfly on the nape would make a cute tattoo. Some women even go for dragonfly tattoos as they are rarer than butterfly tattoos. But don't select any other insect design for the neck just for the sake of being different.

Angel Tattoo

Angels or fairies signify purity and love. Angels carry the message from God to the mortals, hence an angel tattoo has a biblical quality to it. You can have your own guardian angel watching over you by getting an angel tattoo. The most preferred angel tattoo is of an angel with the wings.
Tattoo of only the wings also looks good on girls and may imply that you are an angel. Cupid is one of the most famous angel in general and therefore, this love angel tattoo makes a striking tattoo for females. If you want to reach the daredevil in you, you can also sport the 'fallen angel', that is, the Satan itself.

Foreign Script

Scripts of foreign languages are one of the most common tattoos for men. Women can also have foreign script tattoos. Just make sure, they don't look loud and brassy. Chinese writing tattoos has become quite trendy as the Chinese culture has caught the eye of the world.
Sacred texts of other cultures like Indian, Hebrew and Japanese are also sported by many. Whatever letter tattoo you are choosing, make sure that it does mean what you are told by the tattoo artist.

Star, Symbol or Zodiac Sign Tattoos

A person's zodiac sign speaks volumes about his/her personality. By inking a zodiac tattoo on your neck, you can let people around you, know what kind of person you are and what they shouldn't do when you are around.
Tattoos of stars and hearts are very common symbols which are generally preferred by girls. If you are a feminist, you might like to have yin yang symbol as it symbolizes the balance between men and women.

Sun Tattoos

The sun is one of the most popular tattoo designs, demanded by both men and women because of various meanings it conveys. Depending upon the tattoo style that you are opting for, you can tweak your sun symbol in any way you want to reflect your personality.
Sun tattoo can be etched in colors like yellow, orange and even red. Black sun with tribal style is also making raves these days. However, some black tattoo designs are controversial as they resemble the Nazi emblem, Wewelsburg Sun.

Neck Tattoo Areas

They are considered to be the most visible after face and hands, as you can cover it up with only hair or a scarf. If you want to pin up your hair for a black tie event, then a neck tattoo will defeat the purpose of formalness. Needless to say, they are only for the daredevils who wish to stand out from the crowd, knowing all the repercussions involved.
Tattoo artists usually advice people to think hard before taking a plunge for a neck tattoo as it might reduce the job opportunities that come their way. So if you are still not deterred by ripple effects of having a tattoo, then read on about the neck areas which will be best suited for your tattoo.

Behind the Ear Tattoo

This spot is one of the great places to ink a cute butterfly or flower tattoo. As the area behind the ear is small, you can extend the tattoo even on your nape.
Pain involved in inking tattoo on this area will be immense but as the area is considerably tiny, the discomfort will be over sooner than you think. This area tends to get exposed to sunlight. So make sure that you protect it with good amount of sunscreen.

Back of Neck/Nape Tattoo

Nape is one of the most sensual areas of the body. So if you have a tattoo in mind and are considering it to be etched on the back of your neck, make certain that it is absolutely tasteful and not trashy.
Nothing can put off men more than a badly chosen tattoo. Moreover, nape area is quite close to the spine and hence, a tattoo on that location would involve a lot of pain.

Side of the Neck

Tattoo are a life-long commitment. Unless of course, you want to surgically remove it later on. But then, getting a permanent tattoo doesn't make sense if you are not willing to go all the way.
Side of the neck is a bold spot for a tattoo because there is little or no chance that you will be able to hide it. Such tattoo areas are called "job blocker" by many tattoo artists.

Below the Chin

The throat area is a bad choice for etching a tattoo, except when you are in the music or tattoo business itself. A tattoo on this area will be more than bit out there and is considered as a taboo by majority of the people. However, some women do want to make a statement loud and clear and this bold tattoo will be perfect for it.
There are many different kinds of designs which you can ink on your neck. But go for something which has a special meaning and significance for you. Moreover, any pretty tattoo which catches your fancy is good enough to have as a neck tattoo. Go ahead, get your tattoo done and flaunt it too. If you do get a kick out of getting a neck tattoo, you can always have another one.