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One-word Tattoos That Live Up to the Hype

If you are an avid book lover who wants to get a tattoo, then one word tattoos may be a perfect fit for you. Tattoos that are made up of just one word can be the best way to show off your preferences and motto to the world at large.
There is a folklore I read somewhere according to which traditionally tattoos were supposed to be a scar that you necessarily needed to get in this life to prepare you for the next life.
Tattoos were called the beautiful wound. I have always thought that it was a beautiful story. After all, what can be more beautiful or inspiring than a tattoo inked on your body.
It is a personal belief that getting a one word tattoo or any kind of tattoo with words takes much more strength than getting an image because it is a declaration to the world about what your beliefs are, in black and white.
An image can mean anything and interpretations can be subjective but gethope or freedom tattooed on yourself and you know there are no two meanings to the tattoo. While using quotes or sayings have been popular for quite some time, it is now a rage to get just one word inked on oneself.

Choosing the Tattoo

Once you have decided that you are getting a tattoo with a single word as the design, it is time to look at various options and ideas for word tattoos. There are many different tattoo lettering styles and designs that you can opt for but ultimately the word you choose needs to have a personal meaning.
While getting tattoos in English is a popular option, increasingly many people are opting for different styles of writing for tattoos, which basically means that they are opting for different scripts.
If you are getting a one word tattoo in a language you are not familiar with, then remember to always check whether the translation you have is the correct one. Refer to an authorized dictionary, a professor who teaches the language, etc.
You do not want to end up with a tattoo that has no connection with the word you originally wanted to get inked with. Another great option is to get ambigrams. Ambigrams are font designs that when read from any viewpoint, orientation, or direction, read the same.
These are fast becoming very popular amongst tattoos aficionados looking for innovations. The images given below should give you ideas regarding the different tattoos that you can opt for and also the placement of these tattoos.
Girls Can Pick From...

Guys Can Pick From...

Things to Remember

These tattoos have become extremely popular today since they signify a less trodden path where tattoos are concerned. There are many reasons for people wanting to get themselves inked with these tattoos. It may be a way of getting your beliefs out in the open.
It may even be a way of proclaiming your religion. But in most cases inspirational word tattoos are opted for to give the person getting the tattoo the motivation he or she needs. Another common idea for tattoos with one word is to get the name of your loved one inked on your body. This is a way of paying a tribute to the special person in your life.
There are many things that you need to keep in mind if you are planning to get one of these tattoos.
  • While getting word tattoos it is important that the tattoo artist's skill allow him to follow the natural line of the body part where you are getting the tattoo. This is important for your tattoo needs to look in sync with the curvature of your body.
  • The size of the tattoo is an important determining factor. Some of the best single word tattoos are those that are not very large.
  • It is always better to opt for small print tattoos and experiment with different tattoo lettering fonts. The size of the tattoo will always depend on the font that you use as the gaps between the alphabets, etc. will be dependent on the type of font.
  • It is important that you make the right choice where tattoo placement is concerned. A single word design for girls and women look great on their nape and on the small of their back. For men, a great place to get the tattoo is the chest area. These tattoos look great on the wrist for both genders.
The popularity of tattoo lettering and single word tattoos reached new heights with author Shelley Jackson's unique project which was launched in 2004. Her 2095 word short story was distributed only to participants in her project (which was appropriately titled Skin).
The cost of the short story - have one word from the story tattooed on your body, making the literary work exclusive and well, obscure. You do not have to take part in such a literary project to get single word tattoos though. Decide what word means the world to you, and proclaim it as you want.

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