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Amazing Palm Tree Tattoo Designs

Mayuri Kulkarni Mar 11, 2020
Tree tattoos have been a preferred theme for many body art enthusiasts who look for designs that are 'deeply-rooted'. The in-depth meaning of palm tree tattoos make them an apt choice for many who associate with this tropical tree in some way or the other.
He Received The Palm of Martyrdom!
This expression is widely used for martyrs, especially those who gain victory over the enemies of the flesh. The connotation of this phrase originates from Christianity, where a palm branch is considered to be the symbol of triumph and resurrection from the spiritual enemy.
The occasion of Palm Sunday is celebrated in this regard, symbolizing Jesus' victorious entry into Jerusalem.
In many cultures, a palm tree is known as the 'Tree of Life', especially the ancient or Judean date palm tree, a species that had become extinct in A.D. 500.
However, quite recently there was a miraculous news of a 2,000-year-old seed of this species sprouting under the care of Israeli researchers from the Natural Medicine Research Center (NMRC) in Jerusalem. Pretty awe-inspiring in itself, isn't it?
There are many facets when it comes to the symbolism of a palm tree. It could represent protection, expansion, loneliness, unification, death, resurrection, love, aspiration, truth, honor, warmth, fertility, and many other things.
For example, if the design consists of a single palm tree, it could represent loneliness, on the other hand, two of these trees together can symbolize unification. The following section will give you a glimpse of 9 great tattoo designs of this meaningful tree, and also explain the symbolic associations of the same.

9 Amazing Palm Tree Tattoo Designs

A palm tree can be portrayed in diverse ways. You can use some bold black strokes, or incorporate beautiful, vibrant colors to accentuate the mood of the design. You can also infuse other elements in this theme, such as the phoenix bird, butterflies, flowers, sea-shells, sun, and the like, to give it an absolute tropical effect.
Even when it comes to the size of the tattoo design, you can choose it to be a miniature tattoo covering the tip of your finger, to a full-scale tattoo covering your entire back. The following tattoo designs will show you some gorgeous way to ink this tree.

Cute Miniature Palm Trees

Two palm trees inked together symbolize love and unification. This design accentuates this symbolism all the more by the simplistic heart-shaped boundary. Love is all we see, and love is all this design portrays! Loved it, didn't you?

Lone Palm Tree

Yes, in the alchemical traditions, this tree is symbolic of androgyny because it has both male and female attributes. Features such as the erect, tall trunk represents the male superiority, while the long supple leaves that nurture, and the ability to bear fruits, purely associate with femininity.

The Colorful Water Splash!

Tattoos with a watercolor effect are gaining quite a lot of attention lately. And yes, we think that this technique of inking works best when colors are involved! Palm trees often act as a reminiscent of tropical paradise. The wonderful blue beaches, the exotic sea-shells, and the lovely sunset!

Perfectly Picturesque!

Did you know that palm trees are also known as the 'Garden of Paradise'? Thereby, this tattoo also symbolizes eternity and wisdom. The moments spent at any tropical spot are always captured in our memories. Why not capture this very essence in the tattoo design itself?

Aspirational Indeed!

Aspiration and dreams are other meanings associated with this theme. If you are someone who aspires for freedom, creativity, and loves spending time in nature's lap, if a palm tree's shade is what gives you peace, then this design is what you need.

A Tattoo for Life and Beyond!

In this design, you see the sun (a symbol of life), a sea monster that swallows the palm tree (representing death), and a phoenix (a classic representation of resurrection and victory over death).
In a way, this design depicts the journey of life, the ability to rise over the troubles of life, the victory over difficulties, and that what may seem to be the end, may be a new beginning, after all.

The Haven of Femininity!

This tattoo design gets an absolute feminine touch when a tropical flower is added along with the palm tree, hibiscus being a preferred choice. Adding a flower changes the implication of the design altogether, representing femininity, goodness, and a spiritual connection with heaven.

Reflect Your Contemporariness!

Your actions, thoughts, basically the way you see life is what defines your contemporariness, and that is what is depicted in this fabulous design! We think that this kind of tattoo is ideal for those who celebrate their life, love the tropical-ness of it, and reflect the same in their demeanor.

A Full-scale Palm Tattoo

This tattoo has an absolutely oomph masculine appeal, wouldn't you agree? The bold black palm trees with intricate shades of gray. Awesomely inked, for sure!
These were just some of the many awesome designs that can be made from this theme. When you choose your design, ensure that the placement of the tattoo justifies the design itself. Placing the tattoo completely depends on the size and shape of the design.
For small tattoos, you have placement options like the wrists or the ankles. While your back would be ideal for a full-scale design. This theme would also work great for a sleeve tattoo, especially if you plan to infuse other elements in the tattoo design.
Approach an expert tattoo artist so that you can make the best of the concept and design, and that the final outcome clearly portrays your reason behind inking it. Happy tattooing!