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Pink Ribbon Tattoos

Stephen Rampur
The most common interpretation of pink ribbon tattoos is that it is a symbol of breast cancer awareness. However, there are some people who may get an intricate tattoo involving pink ribbons just because it looks good, that has nothing to do with breast cancer ...
Pink ribbon tattoos are mostly seen on people who have something to do with breast cancer. This can stem from the simple fact that they are suffering from breast cancer, or the fact that they are actively involved in rallying and fundraising activities for breast cancer.
Whatever the reason, the general majority of people sporting this tattoo are, in some way or the other, trying to make their association with breast cancer known.
While there are instances where people who have nothing to do with breast cancer have sported pink ribbon tattoos, these are few and far in between. Usually, such tattoos have a pink ribbon as part of a larger, more intricate design, or is simply an element used in making another tattoo.
If you are looking to get a pink ribbon tattoo, and are not in any way associated with breast cancer, you need to think hard and make sure you create the tattoo in such a way, that it will not be misinterpreted by people.

Pink Ribbon Tattoo Designs

The simplest pink ribbon tattoo, a plain twisted ribbon, is usually done on the upper arm, and it signifies that the wearer is suffering from breast cancer. Remember to choose the color of pink carefully, for the same ribbon in red signifies AIDS awareness, or someone suffering from AIDS.
There are umpteen ways in which you could depict a pink ribbon tattoo. Here are some of the most popular pink ribbon tattoo ideas.

Lotus with Pink Ribbons

A lotus incorporated with a pink ribbon signifies a successful struggle with breast cancer.
This tattoo is a little larger than just a ribbon, and is usually done on the lower back, though it can be done on the upper arm, the shoulder blades, or the forearm as well. There are many designs available, and depending on the body part you choose, the tattoo artist can guide you with regards to the size of the tattoo, and the best design.

Pink Ribbons and Hearts

Though hearts are considered the universal symbol of love, a red heart with a pink ribbon that has the words 'faith', 'hope', or 'love' is considered as a symbol of surviving breast cancer. Such a tattoo, again due to its size, is best done on the lower back or any other place large enough for the tattoo to be depicted properly.

Pink Ribbons with Bows or Wings

A pink ribbon with wings on either side is another symbol of surviving breast cancer. This is an intricate tattoo and can be smaller in size and done on the inside wrist, or the forearm, or even as an ankle tattoo. A simple ribbon in the form of a bow tie is another idea for people who have survived breast cancer.

Miscellaneous Pink Ribbons Designs

Celtic butterfly tattoos with ribbons incorporated in them signifies breast cancer survival. Angel tattoos, flower tattoos, tribal tattoos, etc., can all signify breast cancer survival if a pink ribbon is used in the form of a bow. While these are not so common with breast cancer survivors, they are fast gaining popularity.
Remember that tattoos are permanent, and you should consider what you want inked very carefully before finally getting it done. For those who have no association with breast cancer at all, it would be wise to stay away from pink ribbon tattoos, lest it be misinterpreted by people.
You also need to consider the placement of the tattoo very carefully, and decide if you want it to be seen or partially hidden. While some people may want the world to know that they have survived this deadly disease, other might simply want to remind themselves that they are survivors and can handle anything life throws at them.
Besides survivors, people who have a loved one suffering from breast cancer, or who have lost a love one to this disease, also ink pink ribbon tattoos in memory of the person. If you are unfortunately in such a position, then you should go with simple tattoos, or something that meant a great deal to the person with the disease.
There are many ways in which you can incorporate pink ribbons in your tattoos, as ribbons go well with flowers, hearts, butterflies, angels, and stars, giving you an almost unlimited choice of designs for your tattoo.
Pink ribbon tattoo designs can be worn separately with different patterns, or combining lettering, and vivid picture tattoos. You can be as creative as you want in making a good blend of these pink ribbons and picture tattoos.