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Praying Hands Tattoos for Men

Rohini Mohan
Many Christians like getting tattoos which show hands folded in prayer. What does this tattoo signify and why are they so popular?
The praying hand tattoo is a tattoo influenced in honor of the Christian faith. Only ardent disciples of Christianity wear this design on their bodies.
It is their way of showing their faith in the Lord in heaven and it is their way of asking for forgiveness and blessings. Every individual may have his own feelings attached to this tattoo.

Meaning of Tattoos with Praying Hands

● Most people get this tattoo because they believe that when Judgment Day arrives, they will be pardoned for their sins and all wrongdoing which they have committed in this life. This is their way of seeking pardon for their wrongdoing so that they can be accepted in heaven, after they pass this life and teach the beyond.
● Some get this tattoo in honor of Lord Jesus, for whom they wish to show their utmost affection and respect. These are individuals who have utmost faith in Him and believe that He is there watching over them and protecting them from all harm and danger.
The tattoo is often depicted with the Christian rosary, which they add to the tattoo to show that they are forever counting their prayers as well as their blessings. This is their way of expressing how grateful they are to the Lord for being so kind towards them.
● For some, hands folded in prayer is a way of letting themselves feel that they will make it through all obstacles, and nothing can bring them down, because God is watching over them.
The hardships they face are mere tests to prove their tenacity and faith in the power of the Lord and He is testing them because He expects a lot of good from them. It is their way of assuring themselves that all difficulties will pass and make way for better times.
● It is also a reminder to yourself about the power of prayer and how Jesus specifically asked his followers to pray constantly for forgiveness, overcoming temptation, evil and for positive change.

Tattoo Ideas

Folded Hands With Rosary

Tattoos showing the praying hands holding a rosary are very famous all over the world. The rosary always shows the crucifix very distinctly. Most prefer the tattoo in black ink, where the hands are shaded to make them look as realistic as possible. Some add colors to certain patches of the tattoo, such as the rosary beads, or color the entire hands.

Hands Holding a Cross

There are tattoos holding a cross bigger than the hands, while the hands have the rosary wound around it. The cross can be made in different patterns, such as the Fleury, Botonnee, Celtic, Patee or Maltese.

Hands with Holy Nails of Crucifixion

There are some people who get praying hand tattoos showing the Holy Nails of Crucifixion digging into the center of the hand and blood seeping out. This is their way of reminding themselves of the suffering of Christ and how he died for the sake of humanity.

Hands with The Crown of Thorns

Some show the hands clutching Jesus' Crown of Thorns while the hands bleed. This tattoo has similar meaning as the one being pierced by the Holy Nail.

Hands Depicting Jesus

Some have tattoos which have the face of Jesus looking back at them. You may add quotes to the tattoo, either in biblical verses, or by adding them around the tattoo. Some have tattoos showing flowers and beautiful designs around the tattoo as well.
You can get a colored tattoo for designs which need flowers, clouds and sunlight to be depicted along with the tattoo. Some praying hands tattoos for men have the names of parents who have passed away, while some get the tattoo in honor of someone who is ill and has very little hope to make it through the illness.