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Princess Crown Tattoos

Avanika Mote Mar 12, 2020
If you are one of those girls whose life is no different from that of a princess, or possibly you simply rule your world, a princess crown tattoo could make for a good design choice. Here are some ideas on how you can ink this art piece on your desired choice of body space.
A princess crown tattoo is basically a design with a metal headgear embellished with precious gemstones. These tattoos are incredibly versatile when it comes to designing them with different colors and patterns. Designs of these tattoos are meant for the stylish, ruling diva inside you. If you feel like a princess inside and have a passion for tattoos, you should consider getting this tattoo inked.
A princess crown tattoo is a symbol of royalty. In some countries, where monarchy still prevails, you may find people with crown tattoos combined with a patriotic symbol. These tattoos may look ironic if worn by fools, clowns, and pretenders. Crown tattoos are often combined with girly images, hearts, and luck symbols like a horse shoe or a lucky star.
These tattoos will shimmer on your beautiful skin, as they linger over the luck symbols and will set a seal of royalty, diva-ness, and will leave you with a feeling of being the most lovable and beautiful princess, just by their mere presence.

Meaning of a Crown Tattoo

The crown is a symbol which when combined with other tattoo symbols, elevates the meaning of those above the usual, linking them with higher spheres of power and royalty. Many cultures have used princess crowns of several varieties to mark not only their kings and queens but their Gods and Goddesses as well. Consider the laurel of Apollo, the gold of the Virgin Mary, or the Queen of Heaven. They all have golden embellished princess crowns over their heads.
Princess crowns symbolize leadership and a royal rightful authority. Princess crown tattoos symbolize a girl's sovereignty over her own life, emotions, feelings, thoughts, and actions. It is a reminder to use the powers and authorities wisely. These tattoos connote a royal heritage descent and a feeling of pride and love for yourself.

Princess Crown Tattoos for Girls

There are more than a zillion different ways in which you can style your crown tattoo by using different shapes, sizes, adding hearts, or a star. You may even get a tiara inked as a princess crown tattoo. Just think of something you deeply relate to and combine it with your tattoo design. It needs creativity and patience to design a unique tattoo. If you want some ideas, have a look at the following designs.

Arabic Script

The artwork is of a basic princess crown studded with emerald stones and a name/message written below it in Arabic script. Nothing looks as beautiful and aesthetically pleasing as a regal Arabic princess crown tattoo combined with a message in Arabic font below it. Browse through Arabic crown designs and choose one for yourself. 
You may also ask your tattoo artist to customize a princess crown design. Keep the outlines simple and elegant. The crown should have three spikes, which is usually the basic design of a crown. On each of these three spikes is a gemstone, either emerald or a ruby, embellished on it.
Ask your tattoo artist to color the major area of the crown with golden-yellow color, and give it a glossy touch for the ornamental look. Ask him/her to color the gemstones in bright hues of either green or red (emerald and ruby), and make it look more ornamental by giving it a metallic look with the help of shading.
You do not need to know the know-how of shading, since it is solely the tattoo artist's job. All you need to remember is to ask him/her for a metallic shading pattern. Think of a name/message or something that you can relate to all your life, and get it inked below the crown in Arabic script. The Arabic princess crown tattoo design is ready!


A tiara design is simply a picture of a real looking diamond studded tiara. I always believe that an image as strong as a tiara speaks for itself. The delicacy and the femininity it symbolizes is so beautiful, that it is better to keep it untouched by any tattoo wording, letters, or messages. It is not necessary that all my readers have the same point of view. So, you may add symbols, letters, names, or messages below a tiara tattoo to make it one of those more meaningful tattoos.
Words like 'Heaven's Own' or 'Princess Fiona' (your name) would look really appealing on tiara tattoos. The location of a tiara tattoo could be on the back of your neck, on your arm, or on the ankle. You may also consider wordings like 'Angel's Princess' or 'Fairy Princess' for a cute and girly look. 
If you are considering a girly look, you may consider coloring the tiara in hues of bright pink and red. After all, a tiara is something that a girl dreams of wearing, ever since her toddler days. Why not wear one permanently!


These tattoos are large in size and are usually meant only for your lower back because of the space they require. Consider an imperial Egyptian princess crown design or a classic Victorian diamond princess crown design. 
A large princess crown tattoo design, studded with numerous diamonds, adorned with intricate and exquisite tattoo work in colors like black and silver is the right recipe for a glamorous looking tattoo on your lower back. You may also consider getting it colored in tones of gold.
But, do not mix too many colors in a large tattoo design, as it will just spoil the entire delicacy of the tattoo. If you are considering this tattoo design, make sure you place it strategically on your lower back only, as this tattoo is too large to fit on any other body part.
A lovely idea on princess tattoo designs could be a crowned heart pierced with the cupid's arrow, indicating that a cupid's arrow has struck a princess' heart! You can also consider getting a basic princess crown design and combine it with angel wings, meaning an angel princess. Another tattoo design to consider would be a chain with a princess crown (crown being chained as a majestic pendant!).

Some Heart Shaped Designs

Go for it only if you are very sure about the design. Get it done from a certified tattoo artist, and most importantly you don't need to be from a royal bloodline to get a princess tattoo! Every girl is a born princess! So, go ahead girls, get yourself that much-needed tattoo and rule the world. Be your own queen, and introduce the whole world to the princess diva inside you! Live life princess size!