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Religious Sleeve Tattoos

Sheetal Mandora Mar 20, 2020
Religious sleeve tattoos are fascinating and mesmerizing. Today, many men and women are getting religious tattoo designs to reinstate their faith in Him. Here's a piece about these tattoos...
Tattoos or body modification art have been celebrated all over the world with various designs to depict a particular story or meaning.
Out of thousands of tattoo possibilities, religious tattoos have been the most popular among people. For decades now, archaeologists have been discovering mummified remains which were covered in tattoos.
A very famous mummy, Amunet, an Egyptian priestess, was discovered in the year 1891 who had tattoos all over her arms, legs, and underneath her belly button. In 5th century, a monk too had a tattoo on his thigh which read -Manin, the disciple of Jesus Christ.
There have been countless discoveries of remains found all over the world with interesting tattoos on them. This says that religious tattoos have been around for centuries and are yet evolving as time passes.
Planning on getting a religious tattoo for yourself? If so, you have a big decision ahead of you. There isn't just one religion in this world that will make this process any easier.
People choose to follow and believe in whichever religion they want, because it is our right, and getting a tattoo which indicates a very personal part of yourself is sacred.
People who've had tattoos, want one (someday), or are strictly against them, they all will have different opinions and suggestions about these tattoos. But the main thing to focus on is how you look at the whole experience. If you are confident enough and wish to get a religious tattoo for yourself, then there's nothing or no one who can tell you otherwise.

Religious Tattoos for Men and Women

The love affair between men and tattoos is timeless. Religion is a controversial topic to discuss and when someone makes a visual remark over it, in the form of a tattoo, the message comes quite clearly.
Tattoos are not something to hide or be ashamed of but to be worn proudly. Reinstating their faith and beliefs in Him can be overwhelming and finding the right quarter or full sleeve tattoo designs for men can become a daunting time.
These tattoos can be inspired by various cultures and beliefs. As the decision to follow a particular religion is not restricted, you can get any kind of tattoo you like. But first, proper research is necessary because in the long run, you won't be able to appreciate it.
A tattoo, especially spiritual tattoos should speak to you and about what kind of a person you are. Only then can you actually wear it with pride and honor its meaning. To get these tattoos, here are some suggestions according to different cultures. Take a look.


Among many different ideas a Celtic Cross is one of the most popular tattoo designs. The face or a portrait of Jesus Christ, a Crucifix with rosary, Madonna, an angel, praying hands or even a sacred heart is inked.

Face of Jesus Christ

The main part about getting a tattoo is the design and what it wants to speak for you. Many people make sure that their tattoos don't resemble someone else's as tattoos are a sign of individuality. So let your religious tattoo have the same tone.

Wings of an Angel


Same like 'Om ' a popular religious tattoo, the lotus tattoo is what followers of Buddhism get inked. Other than that, Buddha's face, the Bodhi tree, Buddha under Bodhi tree, a Stupa, a lotus, Buddha sitting on a lotus, or a Buddhist prayer tattoo too can be used just as long as you believe in it.
The reason is that you don't want to get a tattoo just for the heck of it or because you want to impress someone. In fact, tattoos are not supposed to be done with this kind of mindset.


Hindu Lord Krishna

Aum / Om

Hindu Lord Ganesha

There are some people who don't follow Hinduism but have certain tattoos that depict this culture. There are many Gods and Goddesses in the Hindu culture that can inspire wonderfully designed, colorful tattoos. One of the most famous and sacred symbol in Indian religions (Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism) is Om or Aum.
The Devanagari font of writing Om  is unique and mystical that attracts many. Apart from getting an Om  on your arm, you can choose to get the image or face of Lord Ganesh, Lord Shiva, Lord Hanuman, Goddess Saraswati on lotus, Lord Rama, or can even get a Hindu prayer phrases as well.
You can be inspired by various cultures and get your very own religious sleeve tattoos. Keep in mind that getting a religious tattoo (or any tattoo for that matter) requires a lot of research, patience, and desire. If you don't do enough research, you soon may even begin to dislike it.
If there isn't enough patience in your steps to get a tattoo, you might rush into it and get something you really didn't want or like. And if you don't desire a religious tattoo truly and deeply, then it's just a drawing on your body and not a reflection of your soul.