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RIP Tattoos

Niharika Arya Jul 17, 2020
Loving someone is one thing, but remembering them for your entire life is what one thinks of. RIP tattoos or Rest In Peace tattoos, are like a tribute for those who will be remembered forever. Let's sit back and find out a new way to remember our loved ones.
Death is the end of life, but it can't change your feelings towards the person who is deceased. As the saying goes, value of a person is known only when they are not with you, so when they are no more, you miss them the most. What can you do to make them alive in your memories?
There are 'n' number of answers to this question, and RIP tattoos are one of the excellent way of memorizing someone. RIP or Rest In Peace tattoos are the most personalized and emotional form of tattoos.
People love to ink their body and pay tribute to their loved ones. These tattoos are attached to the sentiments of the person, and hence its value can only be known to the one who got it inked. This can be a way to show the world about their love towards the person.

Ideas for Rest In Peace Tattoos

You can have many ideas for a RIP tattoo. It depends upon the relationship you share with the person. It shows, though the person is not physically present with you, his memories and his love will always be with you forever. So to deliver this message with your out-most emotions, rest in peace tattoo ideas given below will help you for sure.

Name of the Person

Name of the person or initials of his/her name can be a direct way to give a tribute. You can also put their nick name or the name by which you loved to call them. It can be RIP tattoos for dad, mom or for any of your loved one. Just a small word like dad or mom or grandma, etc., can give it a more lovable look.

Date of Birth/Death

Dates can show the duration of the person's life. It is commonly used with the name or just with 'RIP'. It's like giving value to the time you spent with them and, to let the world know that you will never ever forget this period.

Portrait of the Person

When it comes to the portrait of a person, the relation shows a very strong bonding. It is very emotional to give tribute through a portrait tattoo as you are going to ink the portrait of your loved ones which will be with you forever.
It is very sensitive to have such a tattoo. So, if you are planning to have one, you should go to an expert who can understand your feelings and can give you exactly what you are looking for.


Heart tattoos are considered as the best medium to express love. A wounded heart or a broken heart is reminiscent to your pain of living without your dear ones. A heart with wings is a combination of love and angels. It symbolizes that your love is now a holy spirit or it is with the angels. A simple heart with the name on it can be a simple and sober RIP tattoo.

Roses Or Flowers

Rose tattoos are known for their pretty looks. If the person whom you want to tribute the tattoo was fond of some particular flowers, then flowers tattoos will be the best idea for you. You can also get your tattoo decorated with the floral designs. This idea is mostly followed by girls, and hence it goes well with rest in peace tattoos for girls.

Religious Tattoos

These kinds of tattoos are for religious people. They can have angel or cherub tattoos, dove tattoos which are the symbol of a holy spirit, praying hands, rosaries, cross, etc. This shows your faith towards God. It's not necessary to add a name or date or anything. They simply deliver the message of your tribute.

Simple 'RIP'

The most effective and straight message delivering tattoos can have only 'RIP' or 'Rest In Peace' written with the initials or the date or anything related to the person. They are very simple and are just decorated with some designs. It can be RIP with a heart, with a cross, with flowers, etc.


Angel tattoos are also among the most preferred rest in peace tattoos. An angel can represent the purity of soul and simplicity. You can also go for a simple design of angel wings with the combination of their birth year and the year of death or simply 'RIP' with name of your loved one.

Other Symbols

As rest in peace tattoos are very personal, one can find out a lot more ideas to get inked. Following are some more symbols which can be used as rest in peace tattoos.
  • Anything which was very close to the person. Like in case of a child, it can be a toy or any instrument.
  • Some famous quote or any personalized quote.
  • You can also put few lines from some famous song, specially when you are giving tribute to your favorite singer or artist.
  • Symbol of one or more stars.
  • Getting their zodiac sign tattooed can also be one of the personal tattoo idea.
Rest in peace tattoos are hence the most emotional and meaningful tattoos. The above given ideas can help you to get some of the best rest in peace tattoos. You can opt for any option and can get these RIP tattoos on the wrist, stomach, ankle, shoulder, neck or anywhere.
This is one of the best ways to commemorate your dear ones as they will always be with you wherever you go. These tattoos are for you and, only you can understand the real value and meaning of having them.