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How to Get a Funky Rook Piercing

This is comparatively a new addition to the world of ear piercings. If you have been wanting to get a rook piercing done for some time, there are some important things that you ought to know about the procedure as well as aftercare.
Ear piercing is said to be the oldest and most common type of body piercing. However, it was limited to earlobe piercing alone, done commonly by women.
Today, one can get a number of other types of piercings in the ear which include helix, tragus, daith, rook, etc.
Moreover, they are no longer restricted to the women, as more and more men are getting their ears pierced. Among the different types, piercing of rook is one of the most difficult, but quite popular ones, especially among youngsters.


This type of piercing is done on the area just above the ear canal. It is actually done on the thick cartilage that lies between the inner and outer conch of the ear which is called anti helix. The thickness of the cartilage makes it difficult to pierce, unless you have a pronounced rook.
Nevertheless, as the needle has to go through such a thick cartilage, it can be very painful. However, if you are keen on getting this done, take a look at the procedure carefully.

Step 1

An important step is to research well about the piercing studio as well as the piercer. Ask for references from people who have got their rook pierced, and opt for the piercer who has a good record. Once you have decided on the studio, you can move ahead with the piercing.

Step 2

When you reach the piercing studio on the appointed day, you will have to show an age proof, and also will have to sign certain documents. Taking a friend or parent along will be a good idea.
Before the piercer begins with the procedures, check whether he has taken a new needle, or has soaked the needle well in the solution that kills bacteria. Also, ensure that the piercer wears gloves while piercing your rook. Apart from this, you should clear all the queries or doubts that you have in mind before the piercing is done.

Step 3

The piercer will ask you to lie down, turning your head to one side according to the ear that you wish to pierce. First, the piercer will clean the ear completely, and then, pierce the rook with a hook-shaped needle.
He will puncture the cartilage from one side, and pull out the needle from the other side with the help of scissors. Once this is done, the jewelry that you have chosen will be inserted into the hole.

Piercing Jewelry


Just like in case of all other piercings, the safest option would be to choose jewelry that is made of titanium. Some people also recommend the use of steel jewelry for this purpose.

Various Types

A mini curved barbell is one of the most used pieces, when it comes to rook piercing. However, captive bead rings, also known as CBR, will be a unique choice.

How to Use

Before you get your piercing done, the piercer will ask you to select a jewelry of your choice. Once the jewelry is inserted, do not change it before the rook has fully healed. Also, never use cheap jewelry, as it can give rise to infections.


As mentioned earlier, the pain from a pierced rook is very severe, and it is likely to stay for a few days. Moreover, the chances of infection are also high in this case. Hence, it is important to take utmost care during the healing period, which can last between 2 to 12 months. It varies from person to person.
  • During the healing period, it is important to clean the piercing everyday in the shower.
  • Soaking the piercing in saline solution, at least twice a day, is a crucial part of aftercare.
  • Also, make sure to tie your hair up during the healing period. The hair getting tangled up with the piercing increases the chances of infection.
  • If you experience redness, discharge, swelling, and pain, during the healing process, do not waste any time. Consult your piercer or health practitioner as soon as possible, as these are the signs of an infection.
Let's hope that you have got an idea about rook piercing by now. Following the given instructions is important to avoid any kind of complications in the future. So, what are you waiting for? Find a professional piercer, and adorn your rooks.

 Deepa Kartha

Kilian Seiler