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Smiley Piercing

If you are eager to get a smiley piercing done, then you can follow the instructions of this article. We have explained you how the piercing is done, aftercare methods and the risks assciated with it over here.
Saptakee Sengupta
Smiley piercing is one of the craziest types of body piercings, wherein the piercing is done inside the upper lip. The exact location of this piercing is the frenulum, which is a very fine layer of skin extending from the inner portion of the upper lip to the gum.
The frenulum is also known as the 'support beam' of lips and gum and the piercing is made in its center. I must mention at the outset that it is indeed painful to get this delicate part pierced, and unless you have great deal of unfeigned guts and passion, do not go for it.
Frenulum piercing is popularly known as smiley piercing because the jewelry is visible only when you smile. The ring or the barbell is tucked inside the upper lip and so it remains hidden when your lips are closed. If you have thick lips, then you need to stretch your upper lip a little wider to show it off.
To be precise, the jewel peeps when your grin. In the recent times versatile forms of scrumper (inner portion of the lips) piercings have evolved from people's desire to try something beyond the normal.
It is also touted as exotic and capable of enhancing the beauty of the face while smiling. The size of the ring or the barbell is kept small because wearers love to expose it only when they smile.

Smiley Piercing Aftercare

Since the piercing is done in a very sensitive location, you have to take immense care to avoid infections. We have explained you how to care for your smiley piercing over here
  • Make sure that the metal doesn't react with your skin. You can opt for non-oxidized and allergy free metals like surgical stainless steel or gold.
  • It's quite likely to develop cuts inside your mouth from the barbell or the ring. Therefore, you have to carefully choose a jewelry which does not bruise the skin or tear the frenulum.
  • The wound takes minimum 6 - 8 weeks to heal. Do not try to take the ring out until the wound has healed completely .
  • You have to be very careful while brushing. Avoid cleaning your upper set of teeth with a brush, instead do with your fingers for a few days. Do not brush over the piercing at any cost. Avoid spicy and hard food till the wound has healed partially.
  • You can use a soft bristled brush to clean your upper set of teeth after the pain has subsided and the wound has healed.
  • Another important thing is, you cannot chew food with your frontal set of teeth. So practice chewing food with your side teeth.
  • Rinse your mouth with warm saline water or with sea salts to prevent infection with microorganisms.


  • People who have failed to take care of the piercing have suffered from severe oral infection and dental decay.
  • A little bit of carelessness on your part can lead to serious oral injury.
  • If the metal doesn't suit you, then you have to undergo the pain once again to change it.
  • Lack of proper oral hygiene makes you more vulnerable to bacterial and fungal infection. If the wound gets infected then you have to remove the ring and you will be under treatment.

Smiley Piercing Jewelry

A small golden or stainless steel ring is probably the best jewelry for smiley piercings. Furthermore, rings are safer than barbells as they do not come out or slip off so easily.
Half circle rings with balls at the end fit comfortably in the frenulum. Barbells and studs are also much in vogue. You can try titanium barbells and pure copper rings if you already know that these metals do not react with your skin.
It's important to note that if the pain persists for a couple of days and the wound bleeds, then you must visit a doctor. Just remember the aftercare points we have explained in the aforementioned content to wear on the fashion comfortably. Get it done from a renowned piercing studio to get the much coveted look.